my {long} weekend in pictures.


{aaron teaching sadie a few new tricks.}


{my mom & i took some out-of-town friends to the chihuly exhibit at seattle center on friday afternoon.}


{a picturesque space needle with chihuly glass.}


{mom & me with a chihuly chandelier.}


{our ride to the uw v. bsu game, courtesy of the steiners! what a gorgeous day to be on lake washington.}


{tailgating husky style. otherwise known as boatgating. & no, i did not captain the boat, i just borrowed his hat!}


{a view of lake washington from the newly-renovated husky stadium.}


{no visit from my mom is complete without a trip – okay trips – to panera.}


{sadie meets friends everywhere we go!}


{me & my uncle bill who was visiting this weekend.}


{sometimes a latte is just the pick-me-up you need to get you through a long weekend.}


{family dinner tonight – mom, jerry, aaron & me.}

we had family & friends in town visiting mostly for the season opener game at the renovated husky stadium. while i was sad that the broncos had a tough loss, i am pleased that the huskies did so well. if boise state has to lose, at least it is to my other favorite team! #gohuskies

it was a lovely weekend in seattle with picture-perfect weather! we did get some down-time in – which is unusual since it is called labor day, right? – which was much needed & thoroughly enjoyed. it is hard to believe that it is already september & that it is back to the grind… #wheredidsummergo

how was your weekend?


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