my weekend in pictures.


{on friday we did dinner & a movie with my grandmother. her choice was the butler which was very good. highly recommend it!}


{saturday morning i started a painting project. the details are a secret for now but i should be able to share soon!}


{amanda & i had a crafternoon date on saturday. she brought over these gorgeous antique keys. now i need to find a fun project for them. any ideas?}


{i peeled lots of potatoes this weekend since we have been getting so many with our CSA each week. i peeled, boiled, & mashed some up to freeze – you can freeze potatoes, right?}


{we found a dog groomer close by & took sadie in for a much-needed grooming. she even got a bandana to wear with her new look.}


{saturday night was a double date night with our neighbors, the friends. i kept it classy with black & white.}


{aaron & i continued date night on saturday after dinner with some molly moon’s. the summer is nearly over & this marks only the second time we have been. #makingupforlosttime}


{this morning i met a girlfriend for breakfast at the market. it was crazy busy, per usual on a sunday, but so fun.}


{i can never resist picking up a beautiful {& cheap} bouquet when i am down at pike place. this month the dahlias are in bloom!}

we had a great weekend full of catching up with friends we have been meaning to get together with all summer. does that happen to you where you plan on seeing someone {or a couple} & then it takes months to get together? i have been forcing myself to just get something on the calendar & make time every weekend to catch up! it has been lovely. the weekend went so quickly {doesn’t it always?} but we are looking forward to a short work week, though i am at a loss to believe that next weekend is labor day. seriously, where did the summer go? how was your weekend?


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