my weekend in pictures.


{heatwave rolling thru seattle. it is nice to finally have summer weather but it stinks not to have A/C when its this warm!}


{our CSA this week. this is the half-share, i would hate to see the full! #nowonderwearevegetarians}


{a family walk thru the ravenna ravine. this spot near our house is nice & shady, plus there is a creek that runs thru it that sadie likes to swim in.}


{sadie & me.}


{i finally framed the picture my mom gave me while she & my dad were in town. isn’t it perfect? also, this reiterates how much i need to find a jean jacket…}


{the heat isn’t actually set on our nest, but we are keeping it on in order to run the attic fan during the day. & yes it does say our house is 81 degrees. inside.}


{sadie got a bath this afternoon & her chest hair is priceless when it is air dried. #sheisafurrybeast}


{on our way to the eastside to see my grandmother for dinner we got stopped on the 520 bridge for boat traffic. sitting on the freeway in 90 degrees is not fun.}


{it seemed appropriate that my grandmother wanted to see the movie the heat this evening. PSA – it is bad. funny, but bad.}

after weeks of complaining about the rainy & cold weather we finally got some summer in the emerald city. now everyone is complaining about how hot it is! i realize that there is a heatwave everywhere this week but i am assuming the majority of you have A/C. we only have A/C at starbucks & nordy’s – guess i will have to go visit those places this week, oh darn! i had high hopes of getting some yard work done as our backyard is out of control, but it was a bit too warm outside for me to tackle it. oh well. how was your weekend?


3 thoughts on “my weekend in pictures.

    • Most people don’t have A/C in their homes/apartments, except for some newer builds. Mostly we don’t get hotter than 80 except for a few days a year so it isn’t really worth the expense of getting it installed. We may have to get a portable A/C unit though if it keeps up this summer. Our house gets so hot during the day when Sadie is here.

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