my {long, holiday} weekend in pictures.


{we watched the annual 4th of july parade for our neighborhood. all of the kids sing “god bless america” & then ride their bikes/scooters/trikes down the street. it is adorable!}


{i baked my very first cake this weekend to take to a 4th of july party. it was ombre & had 9 layers & it was awesome. pics to come later in the week.}


{we spent some time at our friends’ parents’ house on bitter lake. such a beautiful place to catch up with old & new friends.}


{our 4th of july view at sunset.}


{happy birthday america!}


{we went out on a boat trip friday for our friend colin’s birthday.}


{the emerald city is gorgeous by boat.}




{aaron whipped up some buckwheat, chocolate chip, & blueberry pancakes for breakfast on saturday.}


{i needed some new shoes for zumba & body pump. sadie was such a good girl at the store – i think she was enjoying the A/C!}


{my new mizuno shoes. i can’t wait to try them out!}


{family cuddle time on the couch.}


{our friends hosted a BBQ & outdoor movie night on saturday. sara makes the most delicious popcorn!}


{i am very much enjoying feedly as my blog reader. if you haven’t found a replacement for your google reader i would highly recommend it.}


{aaron has been enjoying some homemade hot sauce from our neighbor & friend phil. despite the name it is pretty good.}


{we dined at anthony’s in kirkland with my grandmother on sunday night. not a bad view.}


{this is the biggest blackberry i have ever seen. & apparently the biggest one aaron had seen too.}

it was so great to have the holiday in the middle of the week so that we had such a nice long weekend! we spent lots of time catching up on our sleep {much needed!} & spending time catching up with friends. we are enjoying the sunny weather but how in the world is it already july? #wheredoesthetimego

how was your weekend?


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