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in honor of the upcoming easter weekend, I thought I would share some of my favorite easter DIYs (though I have only done this one).

{one} words on eggs.

wordy eggs


growing up all eggs that were hardboiled were scribbled on with a Sharpie, & usually some type of funny face. anyone else? we do that in our house now, or we put them in this ceramic dish. but, I think I should start making our eggs really pretty with fun lettering & sayings.

{two} bunny treat bags.

easter bunnies.


eloise isn’t going to be getting candy in her easter basket for a while (maybe never!) but I do love these little treat bags. it would also be cute to just stuff them & re-use them as decorations each year.

{three} ombre eggs.

ombre eggs

{via Pinterest}

even though it’s super trendy (& probably going to be out of style soon) I really love ombre. I haven’t found a really good place to incorporate it in our house, but I think holiday décor is the way to do it. I love these egg groupings – how fun!

what are you loving this week? I hope you have a happy easter!


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diy easter baskets.

just wanted to share a pretty quick & easy DIY easter basket made from a paper grocery bag before Easter weekend. I made two last week – one for eloise & one for our niece charlotte. the finished basket is pretty small (like the size of a CD case) but perfect for just a little stuffed rabbit & some eggs.

DIY easter basket

{original pin: The Elli Blog}




  • paper bag
  • hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • ribbon (optional)
  • green construction paper (optional)

I followed the tutorial linked above (it’s a pretty good one). I always forget how hard hot glue can be to use & gave myself a blister, so be careful! I also found the handles to be tricky to attach.

I added a bit of grass to two of the sides of the basket without handles. I cut a piece of paper the same width as the basket & then randomly cut the edge of it (a few inches) to make blades of grass. then I trimmed the bottom of the paper & glued it inside the basket so the blades stuck out. repeat for the other side.


{a little white bunny for eloise}


{a little ballerina bunny for charlotte}

note: both bunnies are JellyCat.

how are you celebrating easter with your little ones?