my weekend in pictures + Happy Easter!

{Eloise and I dyed Easter eggs on Friday afternoon. We dipped a few but she painted most of them.}

{I finally got a chance to start the girls’ Easter baskets. I tend to buy things randomly from after Valentine’s Day to Easter, so sometimes it’s a surprise to me too what ends up in the baskets. Ha!}

{This was swimming lesson numero three for the week on Friday afternoon. Eloise has had a really fun time at swim lessons this week and has made some progress already! We are really hoping to get her comfortable in the water and really swimming by this summer. So for the next FIVE weeks, we will be at the pool FOUR afternoons per week.}

{Just got this book, Educated, from the library and could not wait to get started!}

{The girls and I headed to the Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center Egg Hunt (after Eloise’s swim lesson) on Saturday morning. Long story short, we didn’t have very much fun (it was very competitive). So, we headed down the street to Sod House Bakery to get hot chocolate and a cream puff! And then I had to push the girls + the wagon all the way back up the hill to our house. It was an intense cardio workout!}

{We got home and checked in with Papa. He filled that thing up with water and rolled the lawn, among many other things in the yard.}

{While the girls played with new Easter toys and things, I enjoyed my pastry from Sod House. It’s like a Poptart but WAY better!}

{Eloise asked me for weeks when we were decorating for Easter. I pulled out the decorations and she was slightly disappointed. Sorry kiddo, I am a minimalist when it comes to Easter decor.}

{We had family dinner on Saturday and it was a house full – so fun! Daphne LOVED helping with Zoe. I can’t wait to see these two become friends.}

{The opening of the Easter baskets this morning.}

{We did an egg hunt at the house this morning with (neighbor) friends. Daphne and Ander got their own smaller egg hunt in the front yard while all of the older sisters cheered them on. Daphne caught on pretty quickly!}

{She was so excited about finding eggs for her basket!}

{And Eloise had fun too with the older girls.}

{All of the kiddos!}

{After the kids made sure all of the eggs were found, we headed inside to check out the goods. This was so, so sweet to watch.}

{While Aaron and I made dinner, the girls headed outside to play. We are officially in bubble season!}

{Eloise just got a little plastic knife so she can learn some cutting skills. She helped Aaron chop the broccoli and sausage for dinner tonight and did an awesome job! She was so proud of herself.}

{Eloise’s dyed Easter eggs. You can’t tell as much in this picture, but the colors are SO beautiful. I used a natural food dye so the colors were almost jewel-toned rather than primary.}

{Our very simple Easter table. And Eloise remembered we had egg salt and pepper shakers! All we needed was some fresh blooms.}

{Eloise got a new bathrobe from the Easter bunny which meant Daphne got her old one. They wouldn’t give me a good picture, but this one’s pretty funny! Those are Eloise’s swim goggles (that she used in the shower since she is practicing wearing them) and Daphne making her finger into a bug!}

{Grocery pick-up this evening makes this mama happy. That means I don’t have to spend tomorrow morning at the grocery store with my toddler. And I don’t mean that to say Daphne is difficult to shop with, but she wants to eat everything! Plus, she insists on me getting the “car” shopping cart but then wants to be held half-way thru the shopping trip. Grr.}

Happy Easter! We had such a fun day celebrating with an egg hunt with friends (the kids were SO cute) and LOTS of scooter rides. The weather was nice and sunny which meant lots of time spent outside playing and working in the yard. It definitely feels like spring around here and we aren’t mad about it one bit!

Also, I want to give a shout-out to Aaron who has spent SO much time in the yard the past two (or three) weekends. He’s been mowing, weeding, rolling, and seeding. And took about 20 pounds of dandelions out of the front yard… eep! The yard looks amazing and we’ve been enjoying it so much already this year.

I can’t believe we are heading into the end of April already! How was your weekend?


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