daphne {last day of preschool 2019}

{rain jacket: Mini Boden (old) // dress: June & January // leggings: Cat & Jack for Target // hair clip: Ryan and Wren // boots: Hunter (similar)}

Daphne had her last day of preschool today! She started half-way thru the year, just as she turned two, and did so well. She was definitely the youngest friend at school, but Eloise (because of her late summer birthday) started preschool just a few weeks after she turned two and it worked out so well! Daphne was able to go to story time at the library each Tuesday and enjoyed the nature walks the school took each day (rain or shine). She also loved her new friends, especially her friend Cooper who she talks about all day long.

Daphne still cried or got upset when at drop-off each day, but was able to be so brave when I left. I would help her settle in a bit and then ask her to help me put my shoes on and open the door. She loved to help but then at the very last minute, would get so, so sad. But her teachers told me she would calm down almost immediately and be happy for the rest of the morning. I am hoping she won’t get so upset at drop-off starting in the fall.

Also, we got Daphne’s school pictures back. She’s just so sweet!

And here’s Daphne on her first day of preschool!

Happy Summer Daph!


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