my weekend in pictures.

{We headed out to Magnuson Park on Friday morning to hang out with Eloise’s school friends for one last play date to kick off the summer. Daphne just wanted to be pushed in this yellow swing.}

{These two little ones had such a fun time together!}

{And a big farewell to some of Eloise’s friends too!}

{We hosted new friends for dinner on Friday and, thank goodness, it wasn’t too hot to eat al fresco. The back deck and backyard has been so nice already for summer hosting!}

{We headed to family dinner on Saturday night and all the kids wanted was to be pushed on the swing. So we practiced taking turns!}

{All of the children, well minus the infant. We sent the Papas out for beer and pizza to celebrate an early Father’s Day, and did our best to get these kids fed and in bed. It mostly worked out pretty well! In the end, all of the kiddos were sleeping in various parts of the house and the adults were all outside enjoying the summer evening!}

{The girls helping Aaron open his Father’s Day presents. Each of the girls at school made Aaron a present and a card which is always really special for them to give.}

{We headed out to the local playground to get some wiggles out and enjoy the sun on Sunday morning.}

{Happy Father’s Day to the best Papa we know!}

{The hot weather has made the garden beds explode with kale, lettuce, and strawberries (for now) and the girls have so much fun helping water and harvest.}

{So you might have notice Aaron has a cast. He had a (minor-ish) bike accident a few weeks ago and hurt his hand. It has continued to be painful (and even worse) over the course of about three weeks, so after seeing a doctor and then a hand specialist on Friday morning, it was determined he chipped a small bone in his palm. So it’s a cast for four weeks.}

{We walked down to Roosevelt for dinner (since no one wanted to cook!) and Daphne impressed us with her chopstick skills. I am amazed that she could use chopsticks so long and also how well she used them! About as well as she uses a fork, to be honest. Eloise also uses chopsticks well since she wants to use them any time they are available. It just takes practice!}

After one of the most insane and busy weeks ever (including non-stop errands for Eloise’s graduation party; late bedtimes; lots of ice cream, milkshakes, and cookies; and two doctor’s appointments, one of which ended in me shooting a sticker out of Daphne’s nose) we finally made it to the weekend. We still had a few plans on Saturday, but kept Sunday as low-key as possible which is exactly what Aaron asked for for Father’s Day this year. I don’t tend to do well when the calendar fills up and every day has multiple things going on, but we just couldn’t avoid that this past week had every single thing happen. It was fun in the end but just a little crazy for this mama!

Happy, Happy Belated Father’s Day to all of the dads out there, but especially our own Papa, Paga, Papaw, and Great (Grandpa) Neal!

How was your weekend?


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