my weekend in pictures + trip to boise.

We kicked off summer last week (okay, a week and a half ago – where does the time go?) with a trip to Boise! Daphne missed a few days of school, but since Eloise was done, we thought we’d make the trip before Idaho gets too hot.

{We woke up the girls early and hit the road by 6:05 am! We got out of town and stopped at our favorite breakfast spot in Cle Elum, Stella’s.}

{And then a picnic lunch and some playground time to get out all of our wiggles in Pendleton, Oregon.}

{It didn’t take long for these girls to dip their toes in the pool once we got to my parents’ house.}

{The town my parents live in had a little “petting zoo” and boy was it quaint (just a few animals in pens) though the girls enjoyed it! But the pig was our very favorite animal.}

{Daphne suddenly came down with a fever and was super lethargic at the start of our trip. She just wanted to cuddle and sleep. It was the saddest thing ever. We suspect it was her last top molar coming in, because the next morning, she was great!}

{The girls did so much art during the week – play doh, painting, coloring.}

{And even though she didn’t wear them in the pool much, Daphne still loves her goggles!}

{It was pretty cool the first half of our trip, but it was still as beautiful as ever. I enjoyed this view from the front porch after the girls were in bed with a big cup of hot chocolate!}

{We headed to the Boise Zoo and were excited to see the penguins!}

{And we learned how many different kinds of penguins there are. Who knew?}

{The butterfly exhibit was open and Daphne was so tickled to have this butterfly land on her shirt!}

{I attended a baby shower for one of my dearest friends. Julie, the hostess, set up this gorgeous mojito bar. Virgin mojitos all around!}

{And my friend Emily and I were in charge of the charcuterie board. Not too shabby if you ask me!}

{These ladies. I literally grew up with them and have known the mama-to-be (who’s welcoming her third boy this fall!) since I was 12. It’s magical that we have not only stayed in touch all of these years, but are truly the best of friends. I cannot think of a better crew to raise my girls with. And every time I visit Boise, these women (and my family, of course) make me seriously consider moving back. (But we won’t, Seattle for life!)}

{We headed out to support the BSU Broncos in a charity softball game, offense versus defense. The girls were much more interested in the food and giving hugs to Buster Bronco, the mascot.}

{And we got seats right on the third base dugout which game the girls so much room to wiggle during the game!}

{My tiny girl gang at Target.}

{And I convinced the girls to both get their hair cut after mine. So we all went shorter for the summer!}

{Daphne’s isn’t quite as short as we kept her little curls in tact on the bottom. But she did so well in the chair and kept so still.}

{This is the face of a girl who had just spent all morning in the car. She asked “where’s Eloise?” about once per hour. And we were all very excited to get to Yakima so we could have lunch!}

{Lots of outside play in the backyard this weekend since the weather was so nice and there were a few things to get done in the yard, like mowing and weeding.}

{One of my hydrangeas is doing so well this summer. Look how beautiful it is!}

{We borrowed this puzzle from our friends months ago and decided to take a stab at it on Saturday night. We stayed up so late and nearly finished it in one sitting!}

{Pancakes were requested for breakfast on Sunday morning.}

We had such a fun time in Boise and got to see lots of friends and family! It was much, much cooler than we expected it would be which was a relief since it is usually terribly hot (think triple digits) by the time we’ve been there the past few years for our summer trip.

At the end of our trip, we said good-bye to my parents and Eloise who stayed back for “Grammie Camp.” She has been living it up since last week with my parents, and Aaron, Daphne, and I headed home to start potty training. Eloise has had the BEST time and Daphne is doing AWESOME with the potty. Plus, it’s July. What?

How was your weekend and start to summer?


2 thoughts on “my weekend in pictures + trip to boise.

    • Susan, he fell on his bike last month and chipped a bone in his hand. After about three weeks, it was still painful so he went to a hand specialist who found the break in an x-Ray. So he’s a few more weeks in a cast!

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