my weekend in pictures.

{I headed out to Whidbey Island on Friday afternoon for a mamas only weekend trip. The beach house that we stayed in had the most incredible views!}

{The weather was INSANE all weekend long. The sun was out and it was so perfect. We stayed up late chatting, had absolutely no plans, and slept in. It was such a great time.}

{I came home this afternoon and Eloise had made Aaron and me a card. It’s our whole family celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!}

{This evening, Aaron had his choice of dinner and, of course, chose Chipotle. And Daphne was way too cool in her shades.}

And Aaron and the girls stayed in Seattle this weekend, having their own adventures. So here’s Aaron’s blogging debut!

[I broke my no selfie rule and snapped a photo before a special edition of family movie night. We watched Up and the girls loved it. I forgot how sad it was at the beginning and how funny it is throughout.]

[E really wanted to crawl in bed with Daphne when we were getting her up. This was her attempt.]

[Aunt Anya “Ya-Ya” sent some special St. Paddy’s Day items and I gave them to the girls on Saturday because I might have been off a day. They were a big hit with the girls even though I’m sure they have no idea what the holiday is about, similar to, well, most everyone else.]

[Somehow I lost track of Daphne for 2 seconds and this is how I found her, with her helmet and trying to login to my laptop. Luckily her computer hacking skills haven’t fully developed yet.]

[The girls rode their scooters to the park this morning after breakfast and they had a ball. Daphne loves going “fasth” (fast) on the merry-go-round and on her scooter. There are a couple of medium sized hills on the way that go right into a busy street on the way so that was a bit scary to manage. Eloise is the voice of reason saying, “Fast isn’t safe, Papa.”]

We had a pretty great weekend but sure missed Mama.

All-in-all an amazing weekend! And we are living for this warmer weather and sunshine which looks like it’s sticking around for most of the week. Wahoo!

How was your weekend?


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