daphne {second birthday party!}

Just this past weekend we took the morning to celebrate our sweet Daphne turning TWO!

Unlike parties in the past, I purposefully kept this party (very) small. I really wanted it to be about Daphne, so we invited two (close) family friends (who have a younger sibling Daphne’s age) and family. Usually we end up with a house-full of people which is SO fun, but we often don’t get to see and actually chat with our guests. We also kept the food scene super low-key (a few snacks and cupcakes) which meant we all enjoyed the party!

Invitations from Paperless Post which you know is my favorite since I love all of the designs. Plus the guest tracking is amazing.

And here’s a slew of photos, because I know that’s what you are really here for!

Daphne spent the better part of the week singing Happy Birthday on a loop (spoiler alert: she LOVES the song) which was so sweet. But then when it came down to actually having it sung to her at the party, she was not having it. Ha! She was only unhappy when everyone was singing and then perked back up for the remainder of the party. AND she almost never lets us do her hair (sometimes a barrette) but Aaron convinced her to do pigtails and it was THE CUTEST thing ever!

Also, a HUGE thank you to our friend Jess who was our unofficial party photographer!

And here’s Daphne’s first birthday party celebration. It seems so long ago.

Happy Second Birthday Daphne girl!


Sources: party hats: Meri Meri // Happy Birthday banner: Meri Meri (similar) // star wands: Meri Meri // glitter candles: Meri Meri // cupcakes: Trophy Cupcakes // cake stands: Crate & Barrel (similar), vintage // Daphne’s dress: Remie Girl (old) // Eloise’s dress: Alice and Ames

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