my weekend in pictures.

{We started out on Friday morning singing Daphne “Happy Birthday” and Eloise was very eager to help her open some presents. That’s what big sisters are for, right?}

{And we stopped by our favorite donut shop, Top Pot, on the way home from dropping Eloise off at school (she has make-up days for the snow days on Fridays) because there’s nothing like having a donut to celebrate being TWO!}

{The weather has been INSANE this week – super sunny, clear, and cold – so we took every opportunity to be outside. There were lots of walks and scooter rides around the block this weekend.}

{And Mimi and Paga came into town for the weekend to celebrate, and Daphne enjoyed some solo time while Eloise was at school.}

{Having paper and pens/markers/crayons basically saves up at restaurants (since we have a strict no-screen policy at the table). Daphne is usually a right-handed drawer but also uses her left hand too!}

{Din Thai Fung has become a birthday dinner tradition. Not at all mad about it.}

{Daphne trying her first bite of ice cream. And, of course, it had to be Molly Moon’s! She ate about three bites and then was “all done.” I think it was too cold for her. She is also hit and miss on sweets generally, she will nibble here and there but will almost never finish a cookie/donut/cupcake and doesn’t like chocolate.}

{Love them!}

{Paga reading bedtime stories. Some of my fondest memories of bedtime as a kid were of my dad reading stories to me and my sister, so my heart bursts to see him reading with my girls.}

{Haha, Happy Birthday Daphne! She wasn’t super pleased about the singing part but did enjoy some of that cupcake, despite her face.}

{That’s more like it!}

{Aaron and I got a date night last night since my parents offered to watch the kids and do bedtime – hooray! We grabbed a quick bite to eat and then headed to a movie. I can’t tell you the last movie I saw in a theater, but I am pretty sure it starred Harry Potter. Seriously. We saw Bohemian Rhapsody and, while I am too young to have been a fan of Queen, I LOVED it!}

We had SUCH a fun weekend celebrating Daphne! The girls loved having their grandparents in town and we saw lots of friends and did lots of celebrating. With perhaps a few too many donuts and cupcakes. Oh well. We had a (very) small birthday party for Daphne on Sunday morning with a few close friends and family, and it was perfect. Our friend Jess took tons of pictures at the party (which she always does – thanks Jess!) and I will edit and share those soon.

Happy Birthday Daphne and Hello March!

How was your weekend?


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