my weekend in pictures.


{We headed to Meridian Playground on Friday morning to meet some friends and Eloise, lately, has been super into the swings. I have been teaching her how to pump her legs and she is starting to get it!}


{And Daphne bounced around all over the playground, landing at the sandbox quite a few times. Sand and trucks. So fun!}


{On Saturday morning after my Pure Barre Reform class (which you should try if you love barre – it is awesome!) we headed to U Village so Eloise and I could get our flu shots. We had an hour and 20 minute wait (seriously) so we headed over to Even Stevens for some lunch and the girls ran around the playground before we headed back over to the medical clinic.}

{On Saturday afternoon (after a tough UW loss in OT – oof!) we headed East across Lake Washington. It was so, so beautiful! The Mountain (Rainier) was out and just made it that much better.}


{Family dinner at the Sadliers on Saturday, and always such a good time. After finally wrangling all of the children (who were all in striped PJs) into their beds, we had some quality Scrabble time!}


{We headed out this morning for a play date/Aaron is building a closet door for our entryway. Daphne now insists on putting on her own shoes, and these boots are her favorite.}

It was the most gorgeous weekend ever! It felt like fall with the changing leaves, but the sun was out and it was warm-ish. Perfect, I tell you.

We are gearing up for a fun week with Grammie coming into town. Yay! But also, how is it the middle of October already? Wasn’t it just August like last week?

How was your weekend?


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