my weekend in pictures.


{It was pretty rainy on Friday so we headed downtown to the Tiny Tots Symphony (a neighbor gave us tickets). There were some activities before the show for the kids, including lots of banging on the instruments.}


{And Daphne was barely heavy enough to keep the seat down! She ended up sitting on my lap though during the show.}


{We had SO much fun at the show and will definitely be back. If you are in Seattle and have littles, you should check it out. 30 minute performances with just a few members of the orchestra – it’s perfect!}


{Now that it’s fall, I have started a tradition of Soup Friday! If you have good soup recipes, send them my way!}


{On Saturday morning we headed over to celebrate our friend’s birthday, complete with donuts.}


{Daphne was slightly obsessed with the donuts and doesn’t realize how lucky she is to be the second child because Eloise was definitely not eating donuts at this age!}


{Eloise was very imaginative in wearing her party crown later in the afternoon. It was more like a party horn?}


{It feels like fall now that the leaves are starting to change. The Japanese maples are so beautiful!}


{Eloise, just in the last week or so, has started drawing people and it is the BEST! This is a picture of our family. It is on her easel but I really want to frame it.}


{Aaron headed out for a round of golf this morning, so it was just me and the girls for breakfast. Eloise read to Daphne so I could finish my coffee and breakfast without Daphne in my lap.}


{Despite the rain today, we had family pictures scheduled and we got really lucky with just a few drops during our photo shoot!}


{I didn’t want to change Daphne into her dress until after she was done with her afternoon snack, and she decided that just wearing her bloomers and her boots was just fine.}


{My three favorite people. We were a bit early to our shoot at the Arboretum so we wandered around for a bit and explored some of the gardens.}


{And after the shoot was done, we stayed in the Madison Park/Valley area near the Arboretum, which is our old stomping grounds from back when we were newly-weds. We had dinner at Cafe Flora, an old favorite, and it did not disappoint!}


{Our table was right next to this little kids’ area (and there were no other little kids) which was perfect. The girls colored almost the entire time.}

We had a fun weekend which really felt like fall with the crisp, cooler air and the rain showers. And Halloween is just around the corner and I can’t even believe it. Where did the year go?

How was your weekend?


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