my weekend in pictures.

{On Friday the weather was GORGEOUS so we headed over to Carkeek Park and it was perfect.}


{Eloise was slightly confused about being on a beach and it not being hot (ha!) but we made sand castles, met new friends, and saw a train.}


{After a picnic lunch, the girls were dying to get on the playground. And I enjoyed the view of those gorgeous mountains!}


{Saturday morning post-barre smoothie. Week 2 of my Challenge is complete!}


{And on Saturday afternoon Eloise and I went out and met friends for a late birthday popsicle date. Her friend Bea was born just the day after Eloise, but our summer schedules weren’t in sync to celebrate until now. And that’s chocolate on E’s teeth!}


{A girls’ shopping trip to Target was in order too. And we actually returned more than we bought!}


{We met up with old friends for dinner on Saturday evening and enjoyed one last outdoor picnic at Greenlake before it will be too cold (and dark). And, of course, being that close to the playground meant the girls had to get some wiggles out before we headed back to the house to check in with the UW football game. Go Huskies!}


{This afternoon I headed over to a baby shower for a friend and the spread was delish! We can’t wait to meet you Baby Stew!}


{I didn’t get our grocery order in quite early enough today to cover tonight’s dinner, so we went out for ramen instead. Daphne was super interested in the sake menu!}


{And then the playground. Are you sensing a theme for the weekend here?}


{Sisters. Eloise insists on wearing matching clothes and I completely support it!}

We had such a fun weekend and it completely felt like fall, my favorite. I could do with a little less rain (though there hasn’t even been that much) but I am living for the cooler, crisp air. It feels like we got to see a lot of friends these past two days and catch up, which is always welcomed. How was your weekend?


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