my weekend in pictures.


{On Friday morning we headed down to the Museum of Flight and while we were waiting for our friends to join us, Eloise wanted to pose with this astronaut. Though she told me “Mama, he isn’t a real astronaut, he’s just pretend.”}


{Mount Rainier was out and we watched some planes on the runway at Boeing Field from the Observation Deck.}


{Daphne in a fighter jet.}


{And on Friday evening we headed over to take dinner to friends who just had their third baby. We ended up staying for dinner which was great to catch up (and also since Aaron’s commute took TWO hours due to a bridge closure) and letting the kids run around. Plus, there were lots of baby cuddles.}


{On Saturday morning I headed in early-ish (7:15 as opposed to my week day 6 am) to the studio for my last workout of this first week of the Challenge!}


{And then on Saturday morning we headed up to brunch with the Andersons! Jess made such yummy breakfast tacos and the littles played all morning.}


{I figured I needed to start onto the girls’ Halloween costumes as they always take WAY longer than I think they will. Eloise is going to be a member of a marching band (complete with a trumpet kazoo) and Daphne is going to be a chicken. I feel like this is the last year I am going to have any say in what either of the girls are, so I am trying to enjoy it!}


{After Daphne went to bed on Saturday night, the rest of us stayed up, got in our jammies, and watched Shrek for our monthly movie night. And of course, there was popcorn involved.}


{On Saturday, there was also another June & January Sample Sale and there were flags from The Shop included in the swag bags!}

{We brunched (again) this morning with some friends at Super Bueno in Wallingford and it was amazing. There is this great kids’ play area and on the weekends there are nannies to watch the kids, so we actually enjoyed hot coffee and our entire meal kid-free while catching up with our friends! So you’ll probably find us brunching at Super Bueno at least once per month!}


{Eloise always heads to bed with a pile of books. Some nights she gets the books at the end of her bed before she falls asleep, and some nights she’s in the middle of a book!}

This was such a fun weekend with amazing fall (read: cooler but sunny) weather and amazing time catching up with friends. I am also one week into my six week workout challenge, and despite not loving the early morning wake-ups (I am NOT a morning person, at least right now) it has been a really great week; I feel more energized during the day which is wonderful!

This week Sadie turns 14 (!) and I am planning to take the girls apple picking. Hello Fall!

How was your weekend?


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