my weekend in pictures.


{The girls and I spent Friday at home in our jammies basically all day. I got the news on Thursday from Eloise’s school that she isn’t going to be going on Fridays (because it was a special class enrollment and not enough kids signed up) so that was a bummer.}


{We headed to U Village (always) as a family to run some errands and shop around before heading to the playground. And we stopped into the Microsoft store to make sure the kids are indoctrinated early!}


{On Saturday evening our babysitter came over and Aaron and I headed out for a date night! We started with a sushi dinner and then changed outfits and went to Ben and Sarah’s annual costume party (which is usually around Halloween). We drank cocktails and got a live, front-row show of Kung Foo Grip.}


{Since I have definitely not been thinking about Halloween costumes yet (okay, I’ve been thinking about them but that’s all!) we pulled out our Fred and Wilma Flintstone costumes from a few years ago. I couldn’t find my red wig, but it still worked out! Also, the last polaroid that was taken of us was in these same costumes.}


{We hosted our monthly PEPS play date this morning and after noshing inside on bagels and fruit, the kids wanted to head outside. And “painting” the playhouse with chalk was the highlight of the play date.}

We had such a fun weekend, despite my lack of capturing it! We caught up with friends and neighbors, I went and got a blow-out on Saturday morning, we had a date night, and the sun was out. It was all-in-all a great weekend. Here’s gearing up for the first full week of school!

How was your weekend?


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