my weekend in pictures.

{we went to visit aaron at work on friday afternoon & stopped by a “break room” to explore.}

{I was putting the finishing touches on Eloise’s Halloween costume – Pebbles Flintstone!}

{Hunter boots
for toddlers!}

{I actually made this tassel & it is awesome!}

{it was game day on friday, & Eloise & Aaron were cheering on from afar!}

{performing our civic duty – don’t forget to vote!}

{I love this age. I was helping Aaron organize his shed in the new backyard & Eloise was up early from a nap & joined us! That vest, those boots, & look at that grass!}

{we left Eloise with a (non-family) babysitter – for the first time! – & headed to Ben & Sarah’s annual Halloween bash. It was so fun to see these costumes come to life after weeks of planning & sewing. We even made the walk-off for best costume!}

{the Halloween décor at the party is out-of-control!}

{one gal at the party was taking polaroids with the camera mounted to her helmet. I love this one of Fred & Wilma!}

{I came up this morning to find Aaron & Eloise enjoying some Sunday morning football.}

{I finally had time to start into a big sewing project – lengthening our living room curtains – which has been on the back burner forever. I am so excited about this!}

{since I had Halloween decorations out, I thought Eloise would like to play with one of the many pumpkin buckets we have acquired. she was practicing her trick-or-treating for saturday!}

we had such a fun weekend, celebrating Halloween a little early & really enjoying the fall weather. we got a good amount done around the house & got to sleep in (even though we got home SO late on saturday night!). fall in seattle is so fun & the weather has been pleasantly mild. but I still can’t believe we are quickly approaching the end of October – what?! how was your weekend?


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2 thoughts on “my weekend in pictures.

  1. Boy! could I ever give you a big long answer to that question, “how was your weekend?” Let’s just say that it wasn’t nearly as fun and exciting as yours. We babysat Teddy, Frankie, and Charlotte, from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening while Mo and Cari were in North Carolina for the weekend! Enough said? LOL

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