my weekend in pictures.


{We headed to music class on Friday morning as a make-up for one that we missed on our usual Tuesday, and Eloise got to join us! Of course, post-class we had to have a snack before heading home to have lunch. #toddlers And I couldn’t get both of the girls to smile in the same picture, hence two of them!}


{As we are approaching the end of Eloise’s school year (2 more weeks!) I thought I probably needed to get some thank you notes written for her teachers. She has the BEST teachers and we will miss them terribly next year.}


{Eloise has been loving her Magnaformers recently and made this house (her “creation”). She was so proud!}


{Daphne is in that fun toddler phase where she cries when you tell her she can’t do something. In this case I told her that she couldn’t tip her cup over and spill water all over the carpet… #toddlers But look at those molars!}


{This morning we headed to a PEPS play date and once Aaron got Daphne dressed, Eloise decided she wanted to wear the exact same thing. And then Aaron wanted them to have matching pigtails, so Daphne got her first piggies! Also, there’s a sneak peek of the entryway bench Aaron built. I will share once we finish it up!}


{I couldn’t get a good picture of Daphne, but we memorialized these piggies at least!}


{These girls are so sweet and are pretty good at playing together. Sometimes.}


{Rather than my usual Pure Barre class this afternoon, I opted for a long(ish) solo walk down to Greenlake and around the neighborhood to catch up on a podcast (my current fav is More Perfect by Radiolab). And I happened to catch a break in the weather since we had a lot of clouds and rain this weekend, and Greenlake was SO beautiful! I was feeling very lucky that we call this place home!}


{Sisters. Love them.}

We originally had a crazy-packed weekend which suddenly became much less packed with just one cancelled event. At first I was sad, but it was actually really nice to have some time to get some work done around the house, including yard work and lots of painting by yours truly (that entryway bench is nearly complete).

We are gearing up for the week and I am looking forward to a short solo vacation away at the end of the week!

How was your weekend?


P.S. I updated Daphne’s 15 month stats, but if you don’t want to go re-read that post, here you go!

Updated: Daphne had a great wellness check-up with her doctor and she is growing into a happy and healthy little toddler! Also, when her doctor came in, Daphne walked over and gave him a big hug. She’s the sweetest!

Weight: 27 lbs, 3 oz (98%)

Length: 30.75 inches (50%)

Head circumference: 47.5 cm (75%)


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