my weekend in pictures.


{I caught an early flight out of Seattle on Thursday morning and headed to OC (Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach) to meet up with my family for my sister Anya’s college graduation. I was up at 4 am, in an Uber by 5 am, at the airport by 6 am, but I was flying solo & got to drink my latte hot so it was pretty amazing!}


{Meanwhile, Daphne and Aaron hung out at U Village while Eloise was at school. Apparently she was listening to some beats while also drinking a hot coffee.}


{Packing light! Such a dream for airplane travel.}


{And the girls went on a bike ride in the afternoon. Eloise’s face in this picture kills me.}


{We spent most of Thursday afternoon walking around campus and getting some pictures of the soon-to-be grad!}


{I definitely teared up when I heard “Pomp and Circumstance” though I felt really old when I thought about how long ago my college graduation was. Spoiler alert: it was 11 years ago!}


{We found Daphne’s California Greek restaurant and lunch was a must!}


{My absolute favorite interior designer, Shea McGee of Studio McGee, just opened a shop in Costa Mesa and I knew the stars were aligning for me to go there. So my mom and I popped down there on Friday afternoon and the store was as perfect and charming as I expected. Plus, Shea was doing a meet & greet at the same time we were at the store (which I didn’t realize until after-the-fact) and she was the sweetest person!}


{A celebratory dinner for Anya on a beautifully warm evening out on the patio.}


{We FaceTimed a lot this weekend and it was always SO good to see all of my favorite faces. Except when Daphne started to cry during the end of this call and I lost it too.}


{The BEACH! It was a little cold and overcast but that didn’t stop us from heading down Beach Street to the PCH – Pacific Coast Highway – to get our toes into the sand.}


{And I got to spend the long weekend with this lovely lady who just also happens to be my oldest sister Keri (or Dollie as we lovingly refer to her).}


{To Eloise, Love Grammie.}


{And a play date with the neighbors on Saturday morning.}


{I headed home on Saturday evening and enjoyed watching the sun setting over the mountains while I read my book. It was slightly magical.}


{Opening gifts and cards for Papa’s Day this morning. Eloise has been asking all week if Aaron would open her presents she made for him at school.}


{I wish I loved yogurt this much!}


{She knows the keys go in the door but she’s not quite tall enough.}


{Aaron wanted to go on a family hike for Father’s Day so I thought it would be fun to head over to Magnolia to the Discovery Park Loop. Amazingly in all of the years we have lived here, neither of us had ever been out there! And this picture may be my new favorite one. Eloise’s smile is everything.}


{The morning was just beautiful. Look at that water and the mountains!}


{These girlies. I missed them.}


{We jumped on the chance to get a family picture since the park was buzzing with people.}


{By the time we got here Eloise was getting tired and we headed back to the car, but next time we are making it down to explore the beach!}


{I got my workout in on the way back out of the park!}


{And we discovered the playground!}


{Eloise’s interview about her Papa. It is pretty accurate, minus the age!}


{Daphne LOVES hats!}

It was CRAZY to be away from Aaron and the girls this weekend but we all did well. It was the first time I have ever been away more than 4 hours from Daphne and two years since I have been away from Eloise overnight, so it was much needed! Plus, I got to hang out with (most of) my family which was also really fun.

We are gearing up for the last week of preschool and counting down the days until summer. Eek!

Happy Father’s Day to all of the Papas, Grandpas, Papaws, and Pagas out there! We love you more than you will ever know.

How was your weekend>


One thought on “my weekend in pictures.

  1. What a nice getaway for you, Misha. Great job, Papa -you are such a hands on Daddy. You do look a little haggard/frazzled in the one photo. 😂
    ❤️ to all Susan

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