my {long} weekend in pictures.

As I mentioned in Daphne’s 15 month update, she and I headed out on Friday morning (at o’dark thirty, seriously a 5:30 AM flight!) for the midwest. Specifically Champaign, IL for a family wedding. Okay, not technically family, but one of my family’s closest family friends. We grew up together in Boise and it felt like a family reunion!

I hardly took any pictures because I was trying to unplug this weekend and really be in the moment. Plus, any time I took out my phone, Daphne was there to grab it and would then throw a fit when I tried to take it away… but it was a fun weekend nonetheless!


{We had to wake Daphne up around 3:30 AM to get to the airport to make our flight, so I was hoping she would be super sleepy on the first leg to Dallas. She slept for 40 minutes… and then ran around the Dallas airport during our layover.}


{Daphne LOVED the guitarist at the wedding ceremony and danced to the music. Seriously the cutest thing ever. Not so cute was when she tried to make a run for the alter…}


{Celebrating LOVE with a really beautiful ceremony.}


{Grammie reading to Daphne at the church. This lasted for about a hot second before she wanted to be up and down on the pew, and headed out the back doors. She and I spent the second half of the ceremony walking laps just outside in the common area.}


{Wedding selfie.}


{And eating dinner at the reception. Yep, that is two spoons that she is holding.}


{The bride and groom. I grew up with Kyle and he feels like a brother to me since he and his sister moved across the street from us when I was five. And there were so much crying every time I saw him!}


{A family picture. This was the best we got!}


{I wish you could see this as a live picture because you would see her dancing and it is the cutest thing ever. Pretty much every guest at the reception wanted to dance with Daphne!}


{Playing with Grammie on Sunday morning.}


{We headed back to our Airbnb house on Sunday afternoon for Daphne’s naptime and I got to catch up on the royal family while I ate lunch. Not too shabby.}


{And we all FaceTimed with Aaron and Eloise all weekend long.}


{Waiting at the Champaign airport for our super short flight to Chicago. Daphne was trying to get her paci in her mouth sideways. Oh geez.}


{And taking off from Chicago! Daphne loved watching all of the activity outside the plane and kept waving to the baggage handlers and ground crew.}

This wasn’t the first airplane trip for Daphne and she actually did really well considering, but this is the first time I had flown by myself with a toddler. And oh my gosh, I probably won’t sign up for it again until she can sit still for some time and do an activity. It was up and down and up and down, and basically no sleeping. She slept for 40 minutes from Seattle to Dallas. And on the way home she slept for 20 minutes as we were approaching Chicago (it was a 45 minute flight). On our last flight into Seattle, which was 4 hours, she didn’t sleep at all! And we had finally transitioned to Central Time after having stayed on Pacific Time nearly the entire weekend (which worked perfectly for the wedding!) so by the time we landed in Seattle at almost 9 PM, she was running on pure adrenaline. Luckily the woman sitting next to us was SO sweet and let Daphne sit in her lap and play, so I got a little bit of a break (though then it was back and forth and back and forth between the seats). Aaron and Eloise parked and surprised us at baggage claim with a flower bouquet (!) which was amazing since I was completely exhausted by then. And Daphne was asleep as soon as she was in her car seat and slept thru the transition from the car to a diaper change to her crib.

Meanwhile in Seattle, Eloise and Aaron had some adventures too!



{On Friday afternoon, Eloise hung out with Uncle Ben and they headed to Gasworks Park!}

{Eloise is super into gibberish recently. It’s cute, but when will she be done with this phase??}


{And there were s’mores at a friends’ house too. Eloise explained to me how to make s’mores when we FaceTimed. Maybe she thought I didn’t know how to make them since she’s never had them before? Haha.}

It felt a little overwhelming to hit the ground running today and realize that somehow my Monday was already gone and that it was Tuesday! Thank goodness for preschool this morning so that I could run to the store and get most of the laundry done. I think by tomorrow I will feel back on track for the (short) week! How was your weekend?


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