my weekend in pictures.


{Waiting for swim lessons on Friday morning. She asked every morning this week when she got to go!}


{We hit up the playground before dinner on Friday afternoon. Both of the girls were obsessed with this little bench.}


{Aaron was busy this entire weekend working on building a bench in our entryway. And it provided so much entertainment for the girls too!}


{Aaron brought home the most beautiful peonies this weekend.}


{We had family dinner this weekend with our friends and after the kids went to bed, we celebrated Aaron’s birthday early with cheesecake. Happy 3-5 babe!}


{And then we had to end the night with a game of Catan.}


{Daphne woke up feeling pretty sad this morning. She was running warm and just didn’t seem like her happy self. But she was so cuddly.}


{Getting a jumpstart on the week by picking up my groceries this afternoon.}


{And we headed to Bartell’s and ended up with free ice cream, but not what we went there for!}


{Daphne was not feeling well most of the day and ended up snoozing late this afternoon, after nap time. She insisted on being held so I wore her in the carrier until she fell asleep. She is cutting her fourth molar (in two weeks) which I am thinking is the underlying issue. She has really never been sick before and it is the saddest thing ever.}

We had a pretty low-key weekend so that Aaron had time to build out our entryway. The basics are all framed out, but there is still finishing work to be done. I am so excited to share it as soon as it’s done!

How was your weekend? And can you believe next weekend is Memorial Day?


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