my weekend pictures.


{Picked up some fresh blooms on the way home from swim lessons on Friday morning. Bummed that Whole Foods was out of peonies, and the hydrangeas are already wilted, but they were so pretty for a bit!}


{These girls playing together makes my mama heart burst!}


{All of the girls dressed in grey (my shirt was grey and Eloise insisted that we all match) for our pre-Mother’s Day brunch on Saturday morning with the Andersons.}


{Loved having all of these kiddos playing together.}


{In anticipation of our deck being expanded (we can’t wait!) we picked up a new outdoor table and chairs. And, of course, Eloise had to help Aaron put a chair together.}


{It’s officially water-table season as there was SUN and warm temps in the forecast all weekend long!}

{In case you missed it in my Instagram stories, Daphne had the BEST time on our family walk on Saturday evening.}


{My loves.}


{I got to sleep in this morning while Aaron got up with the girls and made breakfast and found the girls playing with their baby dolls together. It was so sweet.}


{It was WAY too nice to stay at the house today so we headed out to the Ballard Farmer’s Market and there were so many fresh flowers! I should have waited and picked up some peonies today. But I am ecstatic that it is peony season.}


{A selfie with my Eloise. We had lunch on the sidewalk curb enjoying a street musician playing the harp and it was perfect.}


{These girls made me a mama and also the best job ever. I will be forever grateful.}

We had the most BEAUTIFUL and sunny weekend filled weekend! And while there definitely weren’t enough hours in the day to get all of the projects done (or worked on) that we wanted, it still felt like progress.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mamas out there!

How was your weekend?


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