my {Christmas} weekend in pictures.


{On our way out the door to run some last-minute errands. Loving Daphne’s Christmas-y ensemble.}


{After seeing peonies at Whole Foods last week, having a friend tell me “Psst, Whole Foods has peonies,” and then having to pick up some things for Christmas brunch, I figured it was the universe telling me it was meant to be. So pink peonies it was for our Christmas dinner table! And I added some hydrangeas and an all-white mixed bouquet.}


{And the snow started to fall on Christmas Eve.}


{Daphne was loving those lights once it got dark.}


{Once the girls went to bed, it was Operation Santa Claus. We gladly ate the cookies Eloise left out for Santa and got busy building Eloise a dollhouse. It was not nearly as bad (or as big) as I originally anticipated. And, it is SO cute!}


{Merry Christmas Eve. All set for a big Christmas morning!}


{And the snow kept falling all night.}


{Christmas morning was a little crazy. Fun and happy, but crazy nonetheless.}


{Aaron and Eloise headed over to the neighbors to say “Merry Christmas” after we got home from brunch. We didn’t get a chance to play in the snow today, but tomorrow for sure!}


{Our Christmas dinner table. If you have known me for a while, you know how much I love to set a table. And this year I used my late grandmother’s brass chargers and flatware, and her crystal glasses. Even though it looks a little like Valentine’s Day with the red and the pink, I was still pretty happy with it!}


{And this is when Eloise told me she was all ready for dinner and it was only 4:30 pm. Napkin in her lap and everything. Sorry kiddo, dinner isn’t ready yet!}


{And this is how we ended the night. My two favorite girls and their Christmas jammies. Obsessed! I cannot wait for all of the days they get to play with this dollhouse together.}

We had a spectacular Christmas weekend! I really tried not to schedule too many things into the weekend (since it is always such a frenzy already) and we did pretty well. Low-key is really good with little ones.

We stayed in for Christmas Eve and attempted to order Thai take-out delivered only to find out 20 minutes before dinner time that the restaurant was closed (even though Aaron had called to make sure the day before) so we were scrambling to get food delivered! But, it turned out for the best and then it started SNOWING! Guys, I thought we were going to get maybe a dusting of snow and then it would just rain, but we got 4 glorious inches of snow. It snowed all evening and Aaron and I enjoyed it while we stayed up playing Santa and put together Eloise’s dollhouse and stuffed stockings. Magic I tell you.

Then this morning we slept in. No alarms (since today was a rest day for me working out) and the girls woke up at 8:45 am. Best Christmas present ever. I got Eloise up and sent her upstairs to Aaron (since he was starting the coffee) and got Daphne up. By the time I got upstairs, Eloise was already tearing into her stocking! So, we commenced with some present opening and breakfast for the girls. We opened presents for about an hour (and didn’t make it thru all of them) before we had to leave for Christmas brunch at Uncle Ben and Aunt Sarah’s house. We hung out with Ben and Sarah (and their really good friends/neighbors) and ate and opened presents. It was fun to be with some family this year, even for a few hours.

And then we headed home so that Daphne could have a proper afternoon nap, Eloise could have some quiet time, and Aaron and I could get some idea of what in the world was strewn all over our living room (spoiler alert: it was toys and wrapping paper). Plus, I got an afternoon workout in! We rallied and opened a few more presents, Aaron and I cooked dinner, we FaceTimed with family, had dessert, and then bedtime.

It’s been fun to be home during Christmastime and be able to still be at home during the chaos of the holidays. We definitely miss family though and it is hard to be away. Such a balance. Eloise really got into Christmas this year and it was the sweetest! Every year is just the best Christmas ever.

Merry Christmas and the happiest of holidays! How was your Christmas weekend?


P.S. I shared a Christmas family picture over on my Facebook and Instagram!

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