my weekend in pictures.


{We spent Friday morning at the Zoo & Eloise loved the penguins! Yes, there is also a heron in the exhibit. Apparently he likes to hang out with the penguins.}


{After seeing a few zoo exhibits, Eloise wanted to be carried around in my arms. So we ditched the Zoo for the nearby playground & spent most of the time at the sandbox. In the shade. In our matching sandals. It was perfect.}


{Our across-the-street neighbors have an amazing garden & it’s strawberry season! They dropped off this bowl on Friday & we got another drop-off this afternoon! Next year we are for sure growing our own strawberries!}


{On Saturday morning I got a mini-spa day with a pedicure and a facial, and it was so lovely! I only read gossip magazines at the nail salon – such a guilty pleasure!}


{We headed out to a good friend’s house out in Black Diamond on Saturday afternoon which is about an hour south-ish of our house. It was so, so beautiful & right on a little lake. Eloise & Aaron got into their bathing suits and had so much fun in the water.}


{That is Eloise on the left & her friend Blakely on the right who was celebrating her second birthday! The girls loved those balloons!}


{Today was super hot again, so instead of attempting to go somewhere, I opted to stay home & let Eloise play in a water bowl on the back deck. She was pretty amused, but we are eagerly awaiting the water table that should be delivered this week as an early birthday present!}


{Eloise ate her weight in strawberries this weekend. This was her snack this morning which she finished in about 10 seconds. She is obsessed with strawberries!}


{Aaron was working on our bathroom cabinet doors today & I am getting so excited! Next up: priming and painting.}


{When I got into our car to go to Pure Barre this afternoon, it was 96 degrees. I kid you not. It was so hot! And I may or may not have gone to barre just for the real A/C!}


{Aaron had dinner plans tonight, so right as I got home from barre he was out the door. Since we didn’t have a car, Eloise & I walked to the closest restaurant a few blocks away. Eloise insisted on taking her doll Louise, one wet wipe, and her sunglasses (which she broke within minutes of our trip!). It was fun to get out with her in the neighborhood, but I was so, so sore from barre & she wanted to be carried almost the entire way (which includes a huge hill!). So half-way home I made her walk which is like herding a cat… we saw every bug, leaf, & rock in the neighborhood!}

This weekend just flew by & I can’t believe it is already the start of a new week! I have become a true Seattleite since I constantly talk about the weather, but holy Hannah it was hot this weekend! Luckily Aaron installed our little A/C unit during the last short heatwave so we’ve had some relief, and I am so, so thankful our bedrooms are downstairs!

I am gearing up for a short week since I get a mama’s get away weekend next week – YES!

How was your weekend?


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