friday I’m in love.

Welcome back Friday!

{one} Nutcase Helmets.

Since we got Eloise a bike for her birthday {the Miir Bambini} we thought it would be a good time to also get her a helmet. After doing some research, I stumbled across Nutcase Helmets & was immediately sold. Not only are they rated well & support a local PNW company (Portland), the designs are SO fun! We were able to find the line at our local bike shop (Gregg’s Cycles) & even though they didn’t have the watermelon one that we originally wanted (we’ll get it in the next size up!) we did get the awesome Cow print one that she is wearing above. I think the best feature of these helmets is the magnetic closure; so, so nice when you are trying to clip it onto a moving toddler! Eloise has been riding this Y-Bike Pewi that she got for her birthday last year from Grammie & Grandpa, & loves it!, which we will have her use as her bike until she is tall enough for the Bambini (she is just a few inches too short).

{two} Fubble No-Spill Bubbles.

Little Kids Fubbles No-Spill Mini Bubble Tumbler (3 Pack)

{via Amazon}

Eloise is OBSESSED with bubbles recently & I have been trying all types of bubbles to see what works the best for a beginner bubbler! Our friend introduced us to this Fubbles bubble container & we are hooked! There is a small liquid reserve but then once you screw the cap on, the container is no-spill! It also comes with this little wand that has a large end making it easy for Eloise to hold. My biggest issue now is that Eloise puts the wand right on her lips to blow bubbles which means she has bubbles all over her face & doesn’t make very good bubbles… any tips or tricks from you mamas with older kids?

{three} Cupcakes & Cashmere Office Reveal.

{via Cupcakes & Cashmere}

I have been following Emily over at Cupcakes & Cashmere for many years – have I talked about her before? – and if you don’t follow her blog, you should! I get so inspired by her posts on fashion, food, & life! Any-hoo, she just did a big reveal of her new office space & it is awesome. Go check it out if you haven’t already!

What are you loving this week?


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