friday I’m in love.

Welcome back Friday!

{one} Califa Café Latte Cold Brew.

Café Latte

{via Califa Farms}

Many of you who know me well know that I don’t drink coffee. I know, it’s shocking since I have a young toddler, but sometimes when you go to law school & then sit for the Bar exam, you meet your lifetime quota of coffee & have to give it up! I was tired of getting the crazy shaking hands from caffeine, so, alas, I gave up full caff coffee. But, I do LOVE coffee – the smell especially – & there is nothing better than a hot cup of rich, smooth black coffee (hey, if you can’t drink it black, you shouldn’t drink it IMHO!), plus, I live in Seattle right? Any-hoo, this is all to say that I recently tried Califa Farms Cold Brew Coffee with Almond Milk & I am hooked! I have been having just a small glass in the morning & haven’t noticed any ill effects from the caffeine (cold brew is supposed to have less caffeine & be less bitter!). And even if you drink coffee all day every day, you should give this a try. It is awesome!

{two} Freshly Picked Lemonade Moccs.

Lemonade - Pre Order

{via Freshly Picked}

My obsession with Freshly Picked moccs is pretty clear since Eloise is on her fifth pair of gold moccs! Even though they are soft-soled, Eloise still wears moccs a few times a week. The only reasons I don’t put them on her is if the ground is wet (from rain), we are going to the pool (same issue with wetness), or it is super hot & I feel like her feet need to breathe in sandals.

Onto the Lemonade Moccs. They are pre-order now & are available for a super limited time! I love the gold soles (obviously) & that lemon print is so great for summer. If I wouldn’t have just bought her a new pair of gold ones (we somehow had the size 6 but not the size 5 so I had to put in a quick order!) I would have probably pulled the trigger on these ones already. Any other Mamas with daughters scooping these up?

{three} Summer & Wedding Collections in the Shop!

{via The Petite Flag Shop}

Even though summer is officially a few weeks away, now that Memorial Day is over, it seems like summer is already here. I just launched the Summer Collection, which includes two special Fourth of July flags, over in the Shop, as well as a small Wedding Collection!

{four} LC’s 30 Day Ab Challenge.


{via Lauren Conrad}

Speaking of summer, it is the time when everyone hustles to get back in shape since bikinis & smaller summer clothes are just waiting to be busted out from the back of our closets! I have been doing Pure Barre twice per week lately & it feels great to be back into a workout routine. We have also been taking a long walking loop (about 5 miles) on Sunday mornings as a family, though I should probably be looking to add some more cardio to my week. I stumbled across this 30 day ab challenge (abs are my weak spot!) & thought it could be fun to do on days that I am not also doing Pure Barre since I am already doing 90 second planks & lots of other ab work on those days. Check out the link above for the entire 30 day workout & let me know if you want to join!

What are you loving this week?


And Happy June! We are kicking off a new Linky Party, so go join in on the fun!


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