my {long} weekend in pictures.


{Eloise decided that wearing Mama’s sunglasses was so fun while we ran errands on Friday morning.}


{We had friends staying with us this week & Eloise loved having a baby around the house!}


{Eloise was trying on bike helmets for an early birthday present & Aaron joined in on the fun!}


{Jen & her hubby were in town for a wedding & we got to have breakfast together – it was SO FUN!}


{Aaron worked on our bathroom cabinet doors a little this weekend. It is going to be so good when it’s done!}


{Despite the look on her face, Eloise LOVES her new cow helmet!}

On Sunday morning, we set out on an urban hike to explore some of the city which was pretty fun. We borrowed a hiking backpack from a friend so we were much more mobile than we would have been with a stroller; and Aaron was such a champ & carried that thing for our entire trip! And despite the fact that it wasn’t really supposed to rain, it poured rain for a lot of the day on Saturday & we still managed to get out & have a pretty fun day! Here are a million pictures!


{Off we go! Full disclosure: about 1.5 blocks into our “hike” we turned around because none of us were appropriately dressed for the super rainy weather.}


{Ah, raingear. Much better!}


{Aaron & Eloise posing under a bridge at the UW.}


{Family selfie with the Husky in front of Husky Stadium. We walked thru our neighborhood (Ravenna) & caught the Burke-Gilman trail all the way to Husky Stadium to catch the lightrail.}


{The Capital Hill lightrail station had this really cool sculture art piece!}


{After a little bit of exploring & grabbing some lunch, I FINALLY got a huge, beautiful bouquet of peonies. You guys, these flowers were only $10. I wish I could come down every week for flowers!}


{Obligatory phot of the family in front of the Pike Place Market sign.}


{Eloise was all tucked away in that backpack!}


{So many PEONIES!}


{And lots of fresh produce. Aaron got an apple & it was probably the best apple we have had in, well, ever!}


{Eloise found this little wooden rocking horse inside the Market & she was obsessed. I feel like we are depriving her by not having a riding animal at the house…}


{And a family shot of us with the Market pig!}


{And another of me for good measure with the other Pike Place Market sign!}


{Eloise loves pointing things out & then saying what it is. We are probably 50% on totally understanding what she is saying!}


{We headed home & cut thru the UW. That campus is stupidly pretty & brought back so many memories of my college days!}


{Admiring the rose garden.}


{And posing with George Washington!}


{This morning we headed over to hang out with Ben & Sarah who were having a garage sale. We brought Eloise’s Y-bike & her new helmet, & she had a great time. She did take one big spill though over her handle bars & smooshed her face. There were a few tears, but she wanted to get right back on that bike! Really glad she had a helmet on though.}


{Eloise cruising around the freshly-mowed yard this afternoon.}


{And playing in the dirt while Aaron finished up his yard project this evening after dinner. Then it was right into the bath!}

We had such a fun weekend even though it rained WAY more than it was supposed to. Luckily today was really sunny & pretty warm, so it actually felt like we were kicking off summer! We had just a few plans which was nice over the long weekend, but we tried to relax a little too. Our urban hike was the biggest adventure we had & it was really fun. We don’t spend much time down in Capital Hill or downtown anymore, despite our relatively close distance, since it is a hassle to park & fight traffic. The lightrail is awesome & will only get better when we get a station just a few blocks away!

I am amazed that we are already at the end of Memorial Day & can’t quite believe that spring is coming to an end. Seriously!? We are looking forward to a short, but hopefully productive week! How was your weekend?


P.S. While this weekend serves as a Memorial Day for the brave men & women who have served our country (& I don’t mean to usurp that meaning with this post) I wanted to honor the life of a very dear friend of ours who recently passed: John Sisko. He was incredibly meaningful to us & Aaron was particularly close to him; he officiated our wedding & has filled our home with many beautiful pieces of art. His passing is sad & tragic, & our hearts are grieving this loss of his family & friends. May you rest in peace John. xo

2 thoughts on “my {long} weekend in pictures.

  1. is that a new rug a see??? I LOVE IT! and because of you, we will be making a little trip to Pike Place this weekend just to get a bouquet! i’ve been wanting one since Mother’s Day!
    So sorry to hear about your friend. 😦 love you guys!

    • Yes! A new rug! I have been meaning to photograph it better but the weather has been poopy so the lighting isn’t very good. And yes to Pike Place! I was the same about getting a bouquet for Mother’s Day! It was hard to choose just one though since there are so many beautiful ones! And thanks for your condolences. It’s hard to lose friends… Xo

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