my weekend in pictures.


{We had a morning playdate with Amanda & Elliott on Friday which pretty much wiped Eloise out after lunch!}


{After having some leaking issues with diapers, I finally bit the bullet & ordered some extras for the stash, along with some refresher kits (to replace the old elastic & Velcro tabs). I am loving these bright, bold colors!}


{We had dinner at Gorgeous George’s in Greenwood with Uncle Ben & Aunt Sarah on Friday, & Uncle Ben & Eloise were having fun playing with her long bangs!}


{After picking up my friend Ash at the airport, we stopped in Capital Hill to venture around & to have lunch. It just so happened that the new Starbuck’s Roastery is in the same neighborhood, so we stopped in for a cup of coffee & to catch up. It is pretty tourist-y but pretty cool too!}


{Eloise made her Auntie Ashley read SO many books. Luckily, Ash was such a good sport. Those two hit if off immediately!}


{When out-of-town guests mention a craving for dim sum, we are always happy to nosh at Din Tai Fung. The food is awesome & it was pretty early, so the wait wasn’t horrific!}


{Lately Eloise has liked to join me right at the table after she finishes her breakfast. Apparently it is easier to then mooch off of my breakfast if she is sitting at the table! Sidenote: when did she get so big?}


{A local Seattle blogger & her husband recently started a kombucha business – which is a drink if you aren’t in the know. I had never tried it before, so when I saw it at Whole Foods, I thought I would give it a try, plus Earl Grey is my jam. Most people I know who drink it are really “crunchy” if you know what I mean, so I was a little scared, not going to lie. It is definitely sour, but I liked the lightness of it (since it is carbonated) & it went down pretty easy once I put ice cubes in it. Not my very favorite drink, but not awful!}


{Eloise is so sweet with Sadie. She loves to help me let her in thru the back door & wipe off her feet.}

{Aaron taught Eloise how to give Sadie treats today (even if she doesn’t obey the command, apparently!) & it is pretty darn cute!}


{So after the Cardinals loss – seriously, what happened? – was the first episode of new X Files series. I, surprisingly, really liked the show as a kid & would watch it with my mom, so I had to watch. Anyone else?}

We had such a wonderful weekend seeing family & lots of friends! On Saturday (which was, of course, super rainy & grey) one of my best girlfriends came into town for a really short trip & it was so lovely to see her (it’s been probably four years!) & have her meet Eloise! We got hardly any pictures, but that speaks to what a fun time we had being totally engaged in conversation & disconnected from the rest of the world (our phones!). Today the sun came back out & it was so lovely, even though it felt like I didn’t get a single thing done. Well, laundry, I got laundry done. And Aaron let me sleep in, despite having to get up super early to take Ash to the airport – thanks love!

How was your weekend?


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