friday i’m in love.

Welcome back Friday!

{one} Valentine’s Day feature!


Remember two years ago when we made this Valentine’s Day announcement?! Crazy how much has happened since then! If you missed it on Instagram, this announcement is being featured over on as part of a Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement round-up (who knew there were such a thing?), so go check it out here!

{two} The Newsroom.

{via HBO}

Per usual, we are late to the game on a TV show… not because of Aaron, but because I protest watching too many shows all at once (any one else?). But with most of our regularly scheduled shows on winter hiatus (& football finally winding down), we started watching The Newsroom & are totally hooked! We flew thru the first season & just started the second. It is a little crazy to see the news headlines from 2011 & 2012 (since the show features real news stories) but it is strangely similar as the show is featuring Presidential campaigns just as we are gearing up for “Who’s Going to Win 2016” in our own lives. If you need a good show to watch (or binge on) I highly, highly recommend this one!

{three} Swankaroo mini backpacks.

stripe NATURAL straps mini

{via Swankaroo}

I think I mentioned in her last monthly post, Eloise LOVES bags. And she doesn’t discriminate; plastic bags, laundry baskets, my handbag, our reusable store bags, as long as it has a handle (preferably) & it can hold something inside, she is into it! So, of course, I have been eyeing Eloise-sized bags & am loving these mini backpacks from Swankaroo! I am planning on getting her some type of backpack before our next family trip, but think it would be useful to have one for every day, like returning library books or carrying her own snacks, etc. Any backpacks you Mamas really like for your kiddos?

{I would get a bag for Eloise for Valentine’s Day, but I picked up this adorable wooden camera that was on Brickyard Buffalo last week for a steal! But don’t tell Eloise!}

what are you loving this week?


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