friday i’m in love.

Welcome back Friday!

{one} faux fur stools.

Faux Fur Vanity Stool Makeover for $35 - I love this!:

{via Less Than Perfect blog}

I am dreaming & scheming about what we can put at the foot of our bed, & I think two faux fur stools may be the winner. BUT they are SO expensive! I think a DIY is in order, like the one linked above – super easy!

{two} kitchen tools for toddlers.

Getting Your Toddler in the Kitchen: The 11 Essential Tools

{via Crib to Table blog}

As Eloise is becoming more & more of a toddler (sob!) she is interested in more of what I do, especially in the kitchen. We already have an IKEA-hack learning tower & I think she is ready to really start doing things in the kitchen to help! (She already wipes up spills, mostly hers, with a wet rag.) Denaye just put out this great list of kitchen essentials for toddlers & it is fantastic! Did/do you have kitchen utensils for your toddlers? (Sidenote: knives scare me a bit so I think we will start with plastic ones first, but the other tools seem great!)

{three} papier mache cakes.

Papier Mache Cakes | Oh Happy Day!

{via Oh Happy Day blog}

Someone’s birthday is just around the corner (I will give you one guess!) & I LOVE birthdays! These papier mache cakes are so much fun, & of course, are by the one & only Jordan over at Oh Happy Day – she is so creative it’s crazy! I really want to make a whole bunch of these little cakes to bring out for every family birthday. Wouldn’t that be so much fun? Yep, in all of my extra time…

You guys, how is it the end of January? It seems like it’s been a blur. Just super busy, even though I didn’t want to be super busy. I am attempting a lot of projects around the house, big ones, including painting all of the walls I have been wanting to paint since we finished the remodel, & getting rid of stuff (I am in total purge mode!). Plus, I have some grand plans that I am hoping to really get going on in the coming months & will definitely share once things really get rolling. It is exciting & I hope you will love it! So happy first 1/12th of 2016!

what are you loving this week?


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