my {long} weekend in pictures.


{picked up a few pizzas from zaw for a dinner in with friends.}


{happy birthday aaron!}


{all packed up for a weekend staycation.}


{we stopped by the house on saturday to see the progress – I promise to share pics later in the week – & this is how you get into the front door.}


{it is sort of fun getting a week’s worth of mail on our weekly pick-up at the post office!}


{good weather in seattle means much more of this: waiting for boat traffic.}


{we got the sweetest package for baby lower from an old college friend.}


{celebrated a birthday dinner at steelhead diner at pike place market. the food was delish!}


{we stayed at the w hotel this weekend & it was so nice of them to remind us what time of day it was.}


{this sign at pike place market for the restrooms is hilarious – they are all over! I guess this is a sneak peak into what life will be like next year.}


{two of my favorite things: peonies & the bump!}


{I finally got started on a craft project for baby lower’s nursery at crafternoon with amanda.}

we had such an enjoyable long weekend vacationing in downtown seattle. we puttered around the shopping area downtown, took a few trips to the market, dined in bell town, caught up on grey’s anatomy, & enjoyed not having any plans whatsoever. sadie stayed with our good friends jes & cale – thanks you two! – so we knew we could relax without worrying about her. I can’t believe that we are already post-memorial day! that means aaron is one year older & summer {& baby lower} is right around the corner!

how was your weekend?


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