amanda’s baby brunch.

I had the pleasure of hosting a baby brunch last weekend to celebrate my good friend amanda & her baby boy! she requested a simple affair that was focused on quality time with girlfriends. after amanda chose steelhead diner {right at pike place market!} for the venue, the rest of the brunch came together really easily. amanda’s friend kelly acted as my co-host & we came up with this simple pinboard.


{the main focus of the décor was the table: a simple kraft paper runner with a few flower arrangements & succulents}


{a simple guess-how-much-candy-in-the-bowl game // a thumbprint guestbook that will be a keepsake for baby boy’s nursery}


{the table // wishes for baby // the cutest little succulents in pots that were sent home with each guest}


{more thumbprinting! // onesies with tiny clothespins hung as a bunting-type banner}


{me & amanda & our bumps // kelly & amanda}


  • the kraft paper runner was a simple version of this one
  • the low flower arrangements were a combination of a whole foods bouquet & peonies.
  • the “instruction cards” were handmade with faux calligraphy & washi tape buntings
  • the thumbprint guestbook was made in illustrator {with a little trial & error}
  • the succulents & ceramic pots were from fred meyer
  • the glass candy dish was from michael’s

also see amanda’s brunch post here!

it was so great to celebrate with you amanda & I can’t wait to meet baby boy!

xo M

my {long} weekend in pictures.


{picked up a few pizzas from zaw for a dinner in with friends.}


{happy birthday aaron!}


{all packed up for a weekend staycation.}


{we stopped by the house on saturday to see the progress – I promise to share pics later in the week – & this is how you get into the front door.}


{it is sort of fun getting a week’s worth of mail on our weekly pick-up at the post office!}


{good weather in seattle means much more of this: waiting for boat traffic.}


{we got the sweetest package for baby lower from an old college friend.}


{celebrated a birthday dinner at steelhead diner at pike place market. the food was delish!}


{we stayed at the w hotel this weekend & it was so nice of them to remind us what time of day it was.}


{this sign at pike place market for the restrooms is hilarious – they are all over! I guess this is a sneak peak into what life will be like next year.}


{two of my favorite things: peonies & the bump!}


{I finally got started on a craft project for baby lower’s nursery at crafternoon with amanda.}

we had such an enjoyable long weekend vacationing in downtown seattle. we puttered around the shopping area downtown, took a few trips to the market, dined in bell town, caught up on grey’s anatomy, & enjoyed not having any plans whatsoever. sadie stayed with our good friends jes & cale – thanks you two! – so we knew we could relax without worrying about her. I can’t believe that we are already post-memorial day! that means aaron is one year older & summer {& baby lower} is right around the corner!

how was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{we took the drive south to kent to carpinito brothers’ pumpkin patch on saturday morning.}


{my first time to a pumpkin patch. if aaron would have been okay with it, I would have gotten an entire wheelbarrow full of pumpkins!}


{sadie loved the pumpkin patch, apparently there were a lot of good smells. she was so good while we had to wait for all of the people.}


{on saturday night we went to the Seattle Opera. neither one of us would consider ourselves opera fans per se, but we fully enjoyed the daughter of the regiment!}


{a really fun date night at the opera & impressed with how many other seattleites were dressed up for the occasion.}

{a selfie via aaron.sorry for the fuzziness…}


{tonight we went out to etta’s at pike place market to enjoy the second week of seattle restaurant week. i have always heard good things about etta & the meal did not disappoint!}

we took advantage of a slow weekend to indulge in a few much-needed date nights, though sadie wasn’t too amused. the weather has definitely turned here to cold & we are remembering the age of our house given the number on the thermastat! we are still at the point where we don’t want to keep the heat on all the time, so an extra layer or hat is the way to go in our house for at least a few weeks longer before we give in & turn up the heat! aaron is headed out of town for work & I am gearing up for a busy week along with my mom making a short trip into town. plus, i am still grappling with the idea that it is the end of october – seriously, where did the last three weeks go? how was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{friday night was sushi date night before we headed out to capitol hill to meet up with some friends.}


{saturday morning i had breakfast with a friend at geraldine’s in columbia city. best pumpkin pancakes ever! my friend & her husband are expecting a baby in just four weeks, so the next time i see her, i hope to meet the new babe!}


{two of my friends from law school got married this weekend & we are so privileged to celebrate with them on saturday. congrats to the happy couple!}


{aaron & i got all dressed up for the wedding celebration. not too shabby i say.}


{i took a new friend down to explore pike place market this morning. i rode the great ferris wheel for the first time. the views are not too shabby, though i think it would be better at night or perhaps at sunset?}


{pike place market never gets old. aaron & i took some of our engagement photos here & it will always remind me of that fun photoshoot!}


{no trip down to the market is complete without a bouquet of fresh flowers. dahlias & sunflowers are ringing in the end of the summer season.}


{we had dinner with my grandmother this evening & enjoyed some sorbet with lots of toppings for dessert!}

we had a very enjoyable weekend & enjoyed the return of the sunny, summer weather! we were able to catch up with lots of friends this weekend which always makes for a good time. while i could use some down time to recover during the weekend days, it is so great that this summer has been full of reconnecting with old faces. this weekend also marked the last wedding of the season for us, so it is really starting to feel like the end of summer. i think this may have been the fastest summer on record – where did the last three months go? how was your weekend?