my weekend in pictures.


{loving that we can turn on the heat remotely with our nest to warm up the house before we get home. hating that it is in the low 30s however.}


{which wich for dinner on saturday night. keeping it classy by eating on real plates!}


{sadie was all snuggles this weekend. it was cold enough that we put on her sweater & she didn’t seem to mind.}


{picked up our christmas tree today. what, you don’t put your christmas tree in a shopping cart?}


{tree atop the car. nice work husband! it didn’t fall off, not even once.}


{the view of the christmas tree from the sunroof.}


{loving the winter dream tea from the coffee bean & tea leaf, & my new mug from the SBUX + alice & olivia collab!}


{I have learned the hard way in years past what happens when you try to string christmas lights without stretching them out first. no fun. this year was so much better!}


{while decorated the inside of the house, aaron was out putting up our outdoor christmas lights.}

we returned on saturday afternoon from a week & a half in hawaii {which is why we were noticeably absent from social media the past few days} so the first half of our weekend was spent sitting on a plane over the pacific. this was a trip that was months in the making as we started planning last spring! it was awesome to get away just the two of us for a while for a much-needed break from the real world though it was a little weird to be away from family over the thanksgiving holiday. we soaked up the sun & unplugged {well I did} which was lovely. I will be sharing pics from our trip over the next few days {once I get the photos uploaded & lightly edited}. now we are back to a very, very cold beginning of winter! brr. on the plus side, I can get to decorating for christmas this week! how was your weekend?


2 thoughts on “my weekend in pictures.

  1. I lOVE the shopping cart tree and the sunroof tree pics! Classic! Be glad you are not visiting Idaho right now – we are reaching below zero overnight the last couple of nights – Super Brrrrrr!

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