a pinterest christmas: mason jar snowglobe forest.

welcome to the second week of a pinterest christmas! {see last week’s here & here} this  snowglobe project is one that i have been wanting to do for the last few years & i am so thrilled with how it turned out {& how easy it is}!

Anthro Inspired Snowglobes

{original pinterest link – mason jar snowglobe}


  • jars – i used various sizes including mostly mason jars & baby food jars

  • trees with wooden bases* – i picked up an assortment of trees from Michael’s

  • craft snow – i picked up some at Michael’s

  • glue – i used a hot glue gun

  • cardboard or paper to cover your workspace

*you can add anything to your snowglobe so be creative! i loved the idea of a tree on top of a toy car {see here} & ordered this West Elm ornament.

first, be sure your jars are clean & dry. the mason jars i used were brand new, but i had to wash & dry the small baby food jars. {note: if you are like me & need baby food jars but don’t have kids, pick baby food that you can actually use – i chose applesauce – if you feel bad throwing the food away.}


then i set out each tree to match up with each jar. i chose to put the bigger trees in the bigger jars & the smaller trees in the smaller jars. i put a glob of hot glue on the bottom of a tree base & stuck it to the thin metal lid of the jar, right in the center. i would recommend gluing all of the trees to the lids at once to make the next step easier. with the car {after making sure the car would fit into the mouth of the jar} i globbed glue all over the bottom of the 4 “tires” & stuck the car to the side of the jar.


this next part is easy, but messy, so lay down your cardboard or paper over your workspace. fill each jar with the “snow.” i found that i didn’t need nearly as much as i thought, so i would start with just an inch, maybe two. once the snow is in the jar, put the lid {with the tree glued on} onto the top and then put on the ring & close the jar. once sealed, you can turn the jar over to see if there is enough snow. if not, then turn the jar back over, shake the snow off the lid, & add more as needed. i liked having the snow line be under the bottom of the tree or else it looked like the tree was swimming, but this is completely a personal preference. also, the snow that i used had big glitter chunks in it which is fun because those chunks stick to the inside of the jar & make it look like its a real snowglobe {but sans liquid}.


amanda convinced me that i could do an entire snowglobe forest & i love the grouping of all of the snowglobes – thanks amanda! i have them acting as a table centerpiece, but sort of love the idea of using lots of snowglobes together – a good alternative to a christmas town scene!

SONY DSC_DSC3436_DSC3437_DSC3438_DSC3440_DSC3439_DSC3442

ready for some more {p}inspiration? check out these ladies:

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{also, catch up on the last two years on my diy tutorials page here.}

have you been {p}inspired by any christmas projects this year?


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