my weekend in pictures.


{debuted my new favorite sweater – carpe diem!}


{trying to fit in pure barre classes during the week, though i am loving it on saturday mornings.}


{i attended my first alt summit blog conference at the end of this week. it makes me want to attend the live conference – so fun! for now, the alt for everyone classes are perfect.}


{it rained literally the entire weekend. & by literally i mean there was an 80 to 100% chance of rain all weekend long. we are used to fall rain, but even for seattle this is ridiculous!}


{yep, it’s the end of september, the house is freezing, & the electric mattress pad cover has emerged from its summer hibernation.}


{sadie doesn’t mind the rain at all, especially if it means we take a family walk on weekend mornings.}


{we caught the end of the seahawks vs. texans game this afternoon. go hawks!}


{i am attempting to learn more advanced techniques in illustrator. wish me luck!}

we had a chilly & wet weekend given the non-stop rainstorms. boy does it feel like fall in the emerald city! since there was no going outside, we took the chance to get some inside chores done & catching up on a few of our favorite TV shows that are beginning to start up. it is hard to believe these are the last days of september already, but we are looking forward to a fun (& hopefully dry) october! how was your weekend?


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