my weekend in pictures.


{saw 2 guns on friday night – not too bad. i have found the best way to enjoy movies is to have low expectations!}


{yep, there was painting this weekend. i finally finished up the inside of the windows that we had put off since winter.}


{our CSA is out of control – anyone need any veggies?}


{aaron buying a flat of berries at the woodinville farmers market.}


{we met amanda, george, & madeleine at the celebrate woodinville festival saturday afternoon. there was a basset hound get-together. & baby basset hounds!}


{yep, he is dressed up like a detective.}


{madeleine was really fond of sadie.i thiink they will be great friends in the future!}


{being lazy means getting dinner in a bag.}


{saturday night was family movie night. aaron was there too but sadie & i were likely hogging most of the couch.}


{we brunched with our friends cale & jessica, introducing them to serious biscuit in south lake union. delish!}


{aaron was making faces at me thru the bathroom window. i was painting the inside frame & he was prepping the outside for paint.}


{holy baby eggplant!}

we had a fun weekend with just a few plans with friends which gave us some time to sleep in & get a few things done around the house – the best kind of weekend! i am in denile that we are quickly approaching mid-august, but have been loving the amazing summer weather we have had in seattle. this is the best summer i remember having in years! it’s lovely. how was your weekend?


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