diy baby shower gift: t-shirt hats.

when i found out my good friend kaleigh was pregnant – yay baby boone! – i knew i would make at least part of the baby shower gift like i did for amanda {swaddler} & kendra  {appliqued onesies}. as much fun as the swaddler & onesies were, i also wanted to try something different.

i found a tutorial for these sweet baby hats on none other than pinterest & i knew i had found the perfect diy gift!


{original pinterest link: a trio of baby hats}


  • fabric – i used three toddler tank tops from the Gap that i found on sale
  • thread
  • sewing machine

i don’t have step-by-step pictures, but it is really unnecessary because this is a simple project.

1. print out pattern and double-check the one-inch box is really one-inch. cut out patterns.

2. trace pattern onto fabric & cut.

3. pin pattern together.

4. sew.*

5. flip right-side out & tie a knot, if needed.



{adorable! they are so tiny though, it is hard to believe our heads were ever that small!}

*i had the worst time with my new sewing machine with this fabric – it wasn’t jersey, but t-shirt with a hint of stretch. i was trying to use my “serger” foot that would wrap the seam around the edge of the fabric, but i ended up using a simple, standard seam with my mom’s sewing machine.

i decided not to make the ear hat because i just adored the knotted hat so much that i needed to make two! we celebrated baby boone this weekend – aaron at the “dadachelor party” & me at the baby shower – in coeur d’ alene & had a wonderful time. congrats to kaleigh & nick!

do you make baby shower gifts or just buy off the registry?


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