my weekend in pictures.


{came home to this on friday night. sadie apparently didn’t like that pillow on the couch & murdered it. anyone free in the afternoons to play with sadie?}


{a package from jewelmint in the mail is always a good idea.}


{sushi date at blue c.}


{i think we found an antique hutch for an upcoming house project!}


{saturday night dinner & a movie with my grandmother. we saw silverlinings playbook which i thought was good but, honestly, i am surprised by all of the awards buzz. anyone else seen it?}


{sadie & greta – my grandmother’s doberman – awaiting treats.}


{sunday morning yoga. much needed.}


{flowers & pie for a dinner party.}


{thanks miriam for the beautiful birthday flowers! only 3 days until the big celebration, but who’s counting?}

we had a good weekend, but boy it went so fast! we got a few things done around the house, got to hang out with some old friends over dinner, & enjoyed some much needed sunshine {not much but a bit!} – i call that a weekend well spent. how was your weekend?


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