valentine’s day diy: sparks card & date night jar.

to wrap up my valentine’s day diy {just two days away, eek!}, i have two small projects to share.

first up is a card which is loosely based off of a card i have seen before in stores.


  • short matchstick
  • cardstock or blank card
  • thin wire
  • marker or pen – i love the thin sharpies
  • construction paper/paper/envelope
  • washi tape – optional

i cut out a folding card from plain white cardstock. i put the fold on the top edge, but you could put it on the side edge too. then i laid down the matchstick where i wanted it on the card – a bit off-centered – & punched two tiny holes on both sides of the matchstick. then i thread a short piece of wire thru the holes, looping around the matchstick, & putting the ends thru the back of the card. i twisted the wire to secure the matchstick.


then i wrote out “sparks fly” on the outside of the card, & “when we’re together” in the inside. simple as that.


the last project i have to share is a fun valentine’s gift for aaron – a date night jar. we have been talking about the fact that two-and-a-half years into marriage that we don’t go on dates really anymore. at least not like we used to. so, i thought it would be fun to compile some ideas so that when we find ourselves looking for something fun to do, we could skip past the brainstorming & move right to the date!

there are lots of “date night jars” on pinterest so definitely search there if you want some more versions of this idea.


  • short glass jar – i used a mason jar
  • fat popsicle sticks
  • acrylic paint – i used festive red & pink 
  • sharpie or marker
  • felt
  • twine or string

i started out by brainstorming & writing out all of my date ideas. i tried to make half of them free dates & half of them pay dates. i was with some girlfriends during this process which helped the idea-flowing tremendously, but i tried to think of all of those things that we always say we want to do or only do when out-of-town guests are visiting. then i painted the ends of the sticks {both sides} – red signifying the pay dates & pink the free ones.


then i put all of the sticks in the jar, painted side up. i traced a heart out of felt & tied it onto the jar with some string.


it’s not too late to whip up a fun something for your valentine! do you craft or buy for valentine’s day?


2 thoughts on “valentine’s day diy: sparks card & date night jar.

  1. Cute! Cute! Cute! And trust me, now is the time to take as many date nights as your calendar and wallet allow. Whenever kids arrive on the scene, they become more difficult, more expensive, and less frequent.

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