my weekend in pictures.


{woke up friday morning to a double rainbow. so beautiful!}


{my first time making baked potatoes in the crock pot. success! wash potatoes, wrap in foil, set crock pot on low, & cook for 8 hours. aaron wanted the skin crispy so he put a little oil on the skins & put them in the toaster oven.}


{my calendar at work. yes, tgif!}


{3-person carpools: one of the many reasons we take the bus to work.}


{yay, pumpkins at the store. happy fall!}


{i need a bang trim.}


{aaron ran (& survived) tough mudder with his brother & some friends on saturday.}


{two ferraris valeted at the westin in bellevue. no big deal.}


{on sunday we took my grandmother to yogurtland for the first time. she was literally a kid in a candystore, you should have seen her bee-line for the candy toppings!}


{i got caught up on a few of my magazine subscriptions. yep, that is still the vogue september issue that i haven’t gone thru & i already have the october issue.}


{perusing my food pinterest board for recipes for dinner this week.}


{we celebrated sadie’s birthday on sunday & boy was she spoiled: a new squeaky toy, a big bone, & a birthday cookie!}

how was your weekend?


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