a shower for baby garner-ballard.

one of the reasons we picked the weekend before last to take a trip to the midwest was so that i could attend meg’s baby shower. {sidenote: meg is a cousin of one of aaron’s cousins, but that is just semantics & i consider meg family!}

one of the really fun parts about the shower is that kendra & i kept our trip on the DL, & showed up as surprise guests for meg. so fun!

aaron’s aunt & cousins – sharon, abbi, & maggi – threw the shower & they did such a wonderful job. the décor was so adorable & i was loving the color scheme. meg knows that she is having a boy, but i love that the shower didn’t scream “BOY!”


{those cake pops were delish // a fun sign for baby GB}



{stripey straws for the drinks // fun colored candy}


{maggi, meg, kendra, & kenley // mama & daughter}


{meg was spoiled with lots of love in the form of presents!}


{meg opening presents with her sister kait by her side // kenley wanted in on the present-opening action}


{meg enjoying a handmade card // i made some art of meg’s nursery}


{love you meg & happy shower!}

where is the farthest you have flown for a baby shower?


p.s. maggi, abbi, meg, & kendra all have blogs, so if you aren’t already a reader, you should definitely check them out!

2 thoughts on “a shower for baby garner-ballard.

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  2. You are awesome Misha! Nice job. So glad we got to have a little of your time while you were here. We of course had to leave on vacation that was already planned before we knew you were coming but we enjoyed having you Thursday night and Friday! We’ll take whatever time we can get with you cause we certainly don’t get to see you often enough! Love you guys!

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