my weekend in pictures.


{we have a very big & expensive hole in our yard as a result of a few plumbing issues. this is the not-so-fun part of homeownership!}


{sadie & i enjoyed some deck time before i went to yoga on friday morning.}


{jez (our jetta) just rolled over 70,000 miles. not bad for a 2003. not bad at all.}


{we enjoyed a yummy dinner at boom noodle on friday. delish!}


{we saw the new woody allen movie with my grandmother. it was funny & definitely gave us the travel bug. rome anyone?}


{we finally visited the restore in ballard. it is filled with fixtures from houses that are usually discounted quite a bit. there was a little too much for us, but maybe if we are looking for something more specific. #overwhelmed.}


{while we were in ballard, we stopped to have lunch at the ridgeback café. this is justin’s restaurant, the husband of our realtor PJ who made all of the delicious crepes at our housewarming party.}


{sadie was so proud of herself & the hole that she dug under the fence. we were invited to our across-the-street neighbors’ house on saturday for dinner (due to our plumbing issues this week) & decided to leave sadie in the backyard. shortly after we had finished dessert, we get a visitor to our dinner party in the form of sadie showing up at the neighbors’ house like she owned the place. we were sure she had hopped the fence & followed our voices, but soon enough we discovered she is a digger. boo.}


{aaron, sadie, & i took a family walk over to greenlake on sunday morning. it was sunny & beautiful!}


{i don’t know why yoga in the park is such an omg, especially in seattle, but i guess it is.}


{sadie toweling herself off after a much-needed bath.}


{we were downtown running a few errands & i gave aaron the tour of the new nordstrom rack.}


{burrito bar at whole foods. yum-o.}


{san pellegrino & mango/peach nectar. delish! next time i think we will try it with some prosecco!}

we have had the most beautiful weather since july 4th & it finally feels like summer! how was your weekend?


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