this old house.

our house was originally constructed in 1908, making her 104 years old!

as part of our closing gift (along with the fabulous housewarming party) our realtor PJ – his name is Padraic, but i had trouble saying it when we first met so i dubbed him PJ instead – gave us a print of our house as it originally looked.





clearly there are a few changes to the outside of the house: the entryway and front bedroom closet were added when the front porch was enclosed, and the garage/shed was torn down. i am glad we have a small entry space as well as a pretty decent closet in the front bedroom (as it holds extra clothes, craft supplies, etc. that we don’t want to have to go to the basement for every time we use them). while it would have been nice to have a garage or shed in the side yard, it is nice to have such a big yard space (relatively speaking of course).

i was also always curious whether the front window popped out was an original design, or added later. i guess i have my answer!

the house, after over 100 years & a few updates, looks much more like a craftsman that it did when it was originally constructed.

have you dug thru the archives & found an old picture of your house?


2 thoughts on “this old house.

  1. PJ is like the realtor of the year! Did you know him before the house transaction? He’s very dialed in with his details. The picture and party is such a thoughtful thing – and if you bought again/sold, of course you’d go right back to him! PJ is brilliant at marketing himself!

    • PJ is the realtor of the year! my husband knew him before we started house hunting. he is super tuned into details & made the entire process so easy & fun. thanks for reading the blog!

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