pinspiration: wine box garden.

this is a bit of a belated post, especially since it was completed back in may!, but better late than never, right?

as soon as we moved into our house i knew i wanted some kind of a garden. since i didn’t want to take on too much (like building raised garden beds), a small herb garden seemed fitting for our first garden. especially since i am not exactly known for having a green thumb.

almost as soon as i pinned this idea on pinterest, my friend amanda commented that she had two wine boxes that would be perfect for the project. i knew it was meant to be!


{the original tutorial link: diy wine box vegetable garden.}


  • wine box(es)
  • dirt
  • seeds or plants
  • drill for making draining holes
  • 1×2 & screws if you want legs
  • cork, sharpie, & bamboo skewer if you want to make signs

the wine boxes that amanda gave me were gorgeous. they were high quality & already had the dividers inside. my dad added the wooden legs by screwing on pieces of a 1×2 (i think) & then snapping off the end of the top screw so that i wouldn’t cut myself when i was planting. my mom drilled a couple of drainage holes in each section as well.


my mom & i decided the best place to put the garden boxes was over on the side yard (east of the house). here, it would get sun & rain, but not be in the way (like they would have been on the porch, which was the original spot for them).

we filled the boxes up with dirt, & then planted seeds for basil & baby greens, & plants for thyme & chives. we also added a rosemary plant in a separate planter as it was too big for the wine box.

i had some corks lying around from our wedding (we used them in our centerpieces & in the bulletin board my mom made for our seating chart) & we used those for marking the different herbs. i used a (purple) sharpie marker to write what the name of the herb was, & then we stuck the cork onto a bamboo skewer, & then stuck the skewer into the dirt near the plant.


{left box from l to r: thyme plant, basil seeds, chive plants. right box: baby greens seeds.}


it has been really fun to have our own herb garden & be able to use the herbs in our cooking. it is so much cheaper to grow an herb plant than to buy the cut herbs at the store. i think next year i will also add parsley to the mix.


{those tiny little green leaves are my basil plants! once they start growing more, i will have to thin them out.}


{the chives are flowering!}


{the baby greens!}

do you have a garden – herb, veggie, fruit, or otherwise? what is your choice of planter?


4 thoughts on “pinspiration: wine box garden.

  1. The chive flowers actually make a nice addition to a salad. I break them up and sprinkle them on top where they add nice color and taste good too. But be careful of them once the flower dries up – those tiny black seeds will get everywhere and you will have chives growing all over the place. I am constantly pulling chives from the walkways in my garden – they’re like weeds.

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