my long weekend in pictures.


{on our friday morning commute, we discovered a giraffe lives in the neighborhood. apparently giraffes can live in rhodies.}


{meeting downtown. the views were superb (as was the weather)!}


{still enjoying my peonies!}


{the first of many, many trips to the yard waste bin. we spent saturday cleaning up the yard. it was A LOT of work. kudos to all of you who have yards that always look neat!}


{we saw the king tut exhibit at the pacific science center. it was a bit of a disappointment as king tut wasn’t even there, but we also saw the laser gaga show & it (partly) made up for it!}


{sadie accompanied us on our rounds to the hardware store this weekend. she was so sweet & laid down waiting for us to go home. this was after she hoovered the popcorn remnants from the floor – thanks home depot for the free popcorn!}


{my amazing husband converted the power in our new pantry (formerly a laundry closet). our microwave now has a new home. yay for more counter space!}


{another painting project completed this weekend. the kitchen.}

we kept ourselves busy this weekend with homeowner-y stuff. it was a lot of work, but really worth it! this place is really starting to feel like home. our home.

there are lots of updates on the house that i have been meaning to post. i will get them up in the next few days for sure!

how was your weekend?


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