my weekend in pictures.


{when it is 5 o’clock on a friday & your husband says he doesn’t want dinner for a few hours, you are glad you stock salsa in the pantry!}


{aaron made white pizza for dinner on friday. yum-o!}


{i like to think of saturday as homeowner’s day, as in do housework. our saturday was filled with clearing out the kitchen cabinets to sand & degloss, & trim the hedges.}


{my saturday evening was spent with my grandmother: dinner & shopping!}


{yep, those are our kitchen cabinets. in the basement. there are big things brewin’ at the lower house.}


{we finally got the car washed!}


{sunday night dinner: dinner & the avengers.}


{the 520 bridge was closed this weekend, so we took i-90 across lake washington instead. it was a much longer drive, but we got to see downtown all lit up!}

we are in the midst of one large house project – a minor update to the kitchen – which is all-consuming. how was your weekend?


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