my weekend in pictures.


{macaroon ice cream sandwiches at pomegranate bistro. delish!}


{beautiful flowers blooming at my grandmother’s house.}


{friday afternoon pick-me-up: giant m&m cookie!}


{birthday dinner at john howie steak with the fam.}


{happy birthday to my uncle bill!}


{cupcake pick-up for amanda’s baby shower.}


{sneak peek at amanda’s shower décor. more baby shower posts to come this week.}


{charcoals warming up for dinner bbq.}


{wore my first mullet dress to the baby shower.}


{love those fun quotes inside kate spade cards. thanks amanda for the fun wristlet!}


{sadie enjoyed some car rides around town.}


{after seeing blair on gossip girl sport her engagement ring & wedding band, i decided i would give it a try. i am loving it & highly recommend for other ladies that don’t have a traditional wedding set.}


{one of many new evolution fresh shops – the newest starbucks venture in fruit drinks & smoothies.}


{be whatever you want. found a good life lesson while shopping at the gap but no fashion lessons. does anyone else know what happened to the gap? years ago i  loved everything there; now i don’t see a single thing i would wear.}


{enjoyed some yummy korean food in the sunshine on saturday!}


{stopped at the audi dealership & admired the R8.}


{sadie decided to go for a swim during our walk in redmond on saturday.}


{leather seats + wet dog = sitting in the back of my mom’s car.}

we had such a beautiful weekend full of sunshine & warm(ish) weather – perfect for the family that was visiting from out of town! how was your weekend?


3 thoughts on “my weekend in pictures.

    • 0I had a really big baby shweor and got everything we needed for furniture and bedding clothes bottles I mean EVERYTHING. I appreciated all of it. It was nice not having to worry about going out and buying anything but the thing I really loved that was pratical was diapers! Almost everyone got me a pack or two and we didn’t have to start buying diapers til our son was 4 1/2 months old cause we got all sorts of sizes we had gotten so many that we actually have a few size 1 s packed away for the next baby cause we couldn’t go through them all! That and baby food. My mom put on the invite that she was preparing a baby food basket and asked everyone to bring a jar of baby food (very inexpensive wal mart brand starts at 37 cents for the stage 1) and I ended up with so much baby food in all stages my pantry has a shelf just for his baby food! If you do the diapers don’t forget wipes! You can get a box of refill wipes at wal mart for around 8 dollars and you get i think 700 wipes. So you could do both diapers and wipes. As a first time mom I knew we’d go through a lot of diapers but never really thought about the amount of wipes you go through. Anyways hope this helps..I know all the outfits and toys are so cute but pratical gifts are always appreciated! Good Luck!

  1. 0lmao i just came across your qeutson when searching for handmade baby shower gifts ideas My friends and sis’s in law all say there fav gifts for there baby showers was soft baby blanket, soft hats in an arrange of sizes( you dont have to get a gift that will fit the baby right now, most mums are wel stocked for the present time but arent stocked up for the following months when the baby wil grow quickly). I gave a friend of mine a lovely baby blanket about 4 years ago when she had her first and it was big then and its still big on her little girls bed now, still in use. One of my sis’s in laws loved nappies lol, a friend of hers got amoung other things a changing bag and a bout a dozen packs of nappies, my sis in law found them so useful, ok they dont lsat long but she remembers that gift more than most as they came in handy specially in the nite and u run out lol.Overall i would say a few small gifts are best, something useful, something for the future months to come and something personal. Thats what i also stick to and i have 4 sis’s in law and have attended god knows how many baby showers. Have fun shopping, have fun at the shower, and i hope i helped some how even though i blabbed on a bit sorry x

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