some big news to share…



{we bought a HOUSE!}

we weren’t planning on buying a house, at least this soon, but i guess that is what happens when start looking at houses…

we are still shocked that we got the house, but so, so excited! we close at the end of the month & have 96,987 things to do before then. wish us luck!

we will be posting lots more on the house once we are in, including a house tour & projects {expect to see a lot of pinspiration projects}, so stay tuned.

have you recently bought a house? do any of you homeowners have any advice to share?

M & A

8 thoughts on “some big news to share…

  1. I just love your blog! Inspired and thrilled to see the simplicity of life with dog walks, delicious food and fun projects! I laughed out loud with your capture of the mullet dress!!! I adore little Sadies face in the pics also, we too have a great love for furry children! Thanks for sharing!!!

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