pinspiration: floor cushion.

crafternoon (noun): a mid-day spent crafting.*

my friend amanda & i had a crafternoon this week and it was a perfect time to bust out another pinspiration project!

floor cushion 3

{the original tutorial link: floor cushion}

i didn’t take pictures during the process to create my own tutorial because i thought the original tutorial was really well done. we didn’t have a compass on hand, so we used a piece of string tied to a pencil which resulted in non-perfect circles that were closer to 15 inches in diameter than the original 17 inches. oh well!

this is the first time i sewed piping onto anything & it was much easier than i expected! {sidenote: i apologize for the blurry first picture. the lighting is terrible since we have grey & rainy.}

floor cushion 2floor cushion

have you been crafting in the afternoon lately (that would be referred to as crafternooning)?


*i thought i was so smart thinking up this term, but alas, it has already been coined. formally. see here.

happy birthday mom!

today is my mom’s birthday & i wanted to wish the best mom on the planet a wonderful & fabulous birthday!

mom – thanks for everything. i couldn’t ask for a better mom {& aaron couldn’t ask for a better mom-in-law!} & i don’t know what i would do without your love & support.


{pictures were taken at our wedding.}

sending lots of birthday wishes your way!


my weekend in pictures.


{friday was sunny so i felt obligated to get the car washed.}


{sharing a giant piece of carrot cake.}


{lots of elevator buttons. there was also a 13th floor – so unusual!}


{aaron jumping into a foam pit at skyzone for ben & sarah’s birthday party.}


{lunch at dot’s delicatessen.}


{an angry bird launch at the space needle.}


{spending time at the butterfly exhibit at the pacific science center while waiting for the hunger games.


{wigs were the dress code for birthday drinks with ben & sarah: i was a blonde & aaron was a republican!}


{family sunday stroll in the sun!}


{sadie, the urban hunting dog, on point.}


{tasty lunch at the ridgeback café. we had the best crepe ever!}


{sadie enjoyed the it’s-warm-enough-to-have-the-windows-down weather.}


{sadie waiting at the office for aaron.}


{grabbed a pint from molly moon’s after dinner.}

it is finally starting to feel like spring which makes weekends just that much more enjoyable! how was your weekend?


happy happy birthday you two!

happy birthday to you! happy birthday to you! happy birthday dear ben & franklin! happy birthday to you! and many more…

today is extra special since there are two birthdays in the family: aaron’s big brother ben & aaron’s nephew frankie.

DSC00080frankie first birthday

{ben in las vegas}  {frankie at his birthday party}

have a happy day!


whoa, i know that guy!

aaron has been in his new position at work for some time now, & he is set to leave on his first business trip next week. to las vegas. where the weather will be in the low 70s. and sadie & i will be in seattle. where the weather will be in the low 50s. i digress.

any-hoo. aaron sent me a link over IM this morning & i didn’t really know what to expect. i opened the web page & saw that it was a list of people. a list of people that were going to be speakers at the conference next week. i scrolled & scrolled while racking my brain to see if any name looked familiar. then one did…


{picture taken by erin marcum.}

yep, aaron is going to be speaking at this conference! wahoo! i am so, so proud. congratulations husband!


pinspiration: sewing machine pin cushion.

i have a few sewing projects on my mind, but have yet to find a pin cushion. i realize that something like a pin cushion is really a practical thing, but i have been holding out for a pin cushion that i really like.

i am clumsy & drop boxes of pins all the time resulting in pins all over the floor & occasionally in stepping on pins – ouch! after this happened to me for the millionth time this afternoon, i knew that i had to do something about my pin cushion situation.

photo 6

{story of my life.}

enter pinterest & the genius ideas that i pinned months ago…

Sewing Machine Pin Cushion 6

{see original pinterest link: sewing machine pin cushion}


  • scrap fabric
  • ribbon
  • hand needle
  • thread
  • sewing machine {you could do this by hand, but it would be ironic to make this by hand for a sewing machine}
  • scissors

i already had fabric scraps & ribbon, so it was just a matter of sewing a few simple seams. my pin cushion is a bit squarer due to the shape of my machine’s arm & the ribbon length is only one time around the arm for each side.

photo 5photo 4

i will still be on the quest to find the perfect pin cushion, but for now, this one will do!

do you have a habit of dropping pins all over? do you use a pin cushion?


my weekend in pictures.


{friday lunch date with a friend!}


{wore green pants & a charm bracelet for luck on st. paddy’s day.}


{got our bubble tea fix while shopping in the international district.}


{the space needle from the pacific science center.}


{date night: popcorn & a slush puppy to see the lorax in 3d at the IMAX.}


{yep, more bubble tea. our first attempt at making it.}


{a new cooking light = the week’s meals planned & shopping list finished on sunday!}

i think everyone else in the country is experiencing summer-like temperatures while we continue to freeze in the pacific northwest. c’mon spring weather!

how was your weekend?